Marilou Berry scandalized: this rant against an Uber driver, a serious matter in question

Stunned by the chilling story of an attempted kidnapping by a VTC driver, the actress Marilou Berry, in solidarity, takes over her Instagram account to invective Uber. What happened ?

  Marilou Berry scandalized: this rant against an Uber driver, a serious matter in question

Thursday October 13, 2022, the actress Marilou Berry relayed on her Instagram account a terrible testimony by at the same time putting Uber face to face with its responsibilities. Originally a message posted by Nina Scaly: ' I present to you Boubacar, who tried to kidnap my sister-in-law last night. Keep your eyes open. Cc @uber what does it say? '. The message is accompanied by a chilling story in which the young girl recounts the nightmare experienced by her sister-in-law.

What happened ?

' On Wednesday, October 12, L., a 24-year-old woman called an Uber to get home. It is dark, she prefers to feel safe. After 5 minutes of the ride, the driver cancels the ride while she is in the car. He puts on romantic music. And he takes a route that goes the opposite way to her house. She asks what is going on. He replies, 'Trust me, it's going to be fine.' She asks him to stop. He refuses. She asks him to let her out. He refuses. L. sees her innocence pass before her eyes. The man is tall, much taller than her. He ogles her. Where does he take her? ' can we read.

Uber driver suspected of kidnapping

Finally the passenger takes her courage in both hands and jumps while the car is moving, and succeeds in fleeing. His first instinct is then to alert Uber, but the platform turns a deaf ear and the driver continues to exercise with impunity. Faced with the trauma of the young girl who has just experienced an attempted kidnapping and who then has to face the indifference of Uber, Nina Scaly decides to take over social networks and share the driver's photo. ' What does it take to be heard? Here is his photo. Don't get in the car if it's him “, she declares.

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Why is Marylou Berry going after Uber?

Liked by more than 250,000 Internet users in 24 hours, the message has since continued to be relayed and commented on, while many personalities have taken up this 'case' like the singer Hoshi, Meufparis, Louane or even Iris Mittenaere.

' A shame @uber @uberfr you wait until there are how many victims before acting?!???? ', commented the ex-Miss France. Equally dismayed, Marilou Berry, recognized for her outspokenness, did not mince her words. Josiane Balasko's daughter challenged Uber in her Instagram story. ' Does it take a death to have a reaction? She would have had to be abducted / raped / kidnapped / killed for you to take the necessary measures “, she questioned.

In recent months, the VTC company, whose quality of service has dropped enormously after a welcome start in France against taxis, has been at the heart of many controversies. Apart from being singled out for the ridiculously low tax paid in our country, many similar cases have erupted between homophobia and sexual harassment.

The platform launched 'an Uber Community Charter' and, on son site , says: ' To make the Uber experience the best for everyone, we've established a Community Charter. These are principles to be respected, allowing everyone to feel safe when using the Uber app. Everyone who creates an account on any of the Uber apps must comply with the Community Guidelines. This applies to drivers, couriers, restaurants, as well as Uber passengers and Uber Eats users. . '

This charter invites to 'behave in a respectful and benevolent way', to 'guarantee the safety of all' and to 'respect the law'. But perhaps it would be necessary to clean up the drivers recruited first?