Marie Kondo's house is (also) a mess!

What if Marie Kondo was like everyone else? The queen of tidying up has just revealed that her house is also a mess. The famous Japanese also returns to her uncompromising method to bring her a little flexibility. Ultimately, happiness isn't all about drawer organization!

 Marie Kondo's house is (also) a mess!

Impossible not to know the famous KonMari method which allows everyone to live in an ultra-organized interior where only the objects that bring joy are kept. High priestess of storage, Marie Kondo swore only by tightly folded clothes and an interior where nothing sticks out, but that was before!

Storage would not ultimately be the key to happiness

After having sold millions of copies of her method and preaching for an interior organized as much as possible to find happiness and serenity, Marie Kondo now nuances her words. According to the Japanese tidying up can't actually be a philosophy of life . His latest book, Marie Kondo's Kurashi at Home : How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life released only in the United States, then presents the concept of kurashi daily life. Marie Kondo invites you to incorporate rituals that bring calm and happiness into your routine with advice as simple as listening to classical music for breakfast. The idea is above all to give time to what really matters.

Marie Kondo has dropped the storage at home

During an online conference, the famous storage consultant confessed that her interior is currently untidy and that she had 'given up' to manage her time differently. After years with a very busy schedule but also the arrival of three children, Marie Kondo has somewhat revised her principles and realized that what was important to her is above all to spend time with her family.