Margaux Zekri, founder of Miam'UP: 'Our platform allows restaurateurs to put donations for associations online'

Margaux Zekri is the founder of Miam'UP, an association that offers a solution for collecting food surpluses from collective catering, to distribute them to food solidarity actors. Meeting with one of the three finalists of the 6th edition of the Perle de Lait Trophy, which honors women entrepreneurs with committed and innovative projects.

  Margaux Zekri, founder of Miam'UP :  "Notre plateforme permet aux restaurateurs de mettre en ligne des dons pour associations"

What motivated you to launch Miam' UP ?

While working as a food project development manager for an association, I made two observations. On the one hand, food waste is very present in collective catering, whether private or public. On the other hand, food solidarity actors are no longer able to meet the growing need. In my opinion, it was therefore essential to help these associations by providing them with answers.

What concrete solutions do you offer?

We have developed a digital platform, which allows restaurateurs to post the donations they wish to make to associations. The latter, for their part, can order the dishes according to their needs. For our part, we then take care of the low-carbon collection and delivery using electric vehicles or bicycles, in compliance with the health rules in force. For the moment, we are working on the Toulouse basin.

Miam'UP, an association that offers a solution for collecting food surpluses from collective catering.

What drives you about entrepreneurship?

I am part of this generation that wants to engage in meaningful work. I am convinced that we can have projects that respond both to social justice, to the environment, and which generate economic activity in a territory. Like any entrepreneur, my ultimate goal is to create jobs and unite around a project.

How did you hear about the Perle de Lait Trophy and what made you want to participate?

I followed the previous editions on social networks and I find that the Perle de Lait Trophy highlights the projects a lot. When I saw the call for applications, I immediately wanted to apply!

The winner of the Perle de Lait Trophy will win a financial endowment and support from La Ruche (national network of business incubators), what do you plan to do with this prize if you win?

The Perle de Lait Trophy would bring us visibility and allow us to boost our development. At this stage, we need outside opinions, and support on the consolidation of our model and on the development strategy in order to be able to extend our actions more widely.

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