Marc-Olivier Fogiel: Father of two 'not perfect' daughters (and this fear he transmitted to the eldest... )

Marc-Olivier Fogiel is a very busy man, he who has been the general manager of the news channel 'BFMTV' since 2019. But he remains a father invested and present for his two daughters. That he tries to protect without suffocating them. Narrative.

  Marc-Olivier Fogiel: Father of two 'not perfect' daughters (and this fear that'il a transmise à l'aînée... )

A few weeks ago, a new section, surprising to say the least, appeared on the newspaper's website The world . 'Parent Life' indeed intends to come back with media personalities from all walks of life on their daily life as parents. And on March 12, 2023, it was the general manager of BFMTV, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, who spoke about his role as a father to journalists from the French daily.

Marc-Olivier Fogiel and his daughters: “I had the impression of re-entering the cycle of life”

Twelve years ago, Marc-Olivier Fogiel and his husband, photographer François Roelants, whom he married in 2013 in Paris, became fathers for the very first time. Today, they are the happy parents of 12-year-old Mila and Lily, who will celebrate her tenth birthday next April. Both born from GPA courses conducted in the United States but they were never 'standard bearers of the surrogacy ' .

However, Marc-Olivier Fogiel still wanted to expose his couple's path, strewn with pitfalls, towards fatherhood in a book published by Grasset in 2018, What's wrong with my family? . Very transparent with them about their births, he never hid anything from them. ' Very early, I told them their story so that, the day when they would be confronted with the gaze of others, they would have it anchored in them. he first explained to our colleagues from World .

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Marc-Olivier Fogiel, 53, felt like a father for the first time when he took his eldest in his arms, 'fifteen seconds after birth' . 'I collapsed in an armchair with her. I cried all the tears in my body. It was a great emotion' , he confessed. Before concluding : 'It's probably related to my story: I thought I had no children [because of being homosexual, editor's note] and there, I had the impression of re-entering the cycle of life' .

And to the question: 'Have you ever cried in front of your children?' , the 50-year-old replied tit for tat: 'Yes, and it's even a joke. I am a fountain in front of my children . When one of my daughters wakes up in the morning and I find her beautiful; when I take her to school and she says goodbye to me… I cry all the time! I can not believe it !'

What fear did Marc-Olivier Fogiel pass on to his daughter?

And if Marc-Olivier Fogiel also said he tries not to put too much weight on the shoulders of his two daughters, a burden he himself had to carry during his childhood, it is not so simple. The former TV host Divan willingly admitted that he still passed on one of his fears to his twelve-year-old daughter. “I try to make them not perfect little girls” , he began.

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Before continuing: 'I have done eighteen years of analysis for overcome the material anxiety of tomorrow. My parents had that fear and I thought I didn't reproduce it in my behavior, in the way I raise my daughters.' And to conclude: 'I still must have inherited it unconsciously because I find that I passed that fear on to my 12-year-old daughter. It's a discussion I have with her from time to time.' .