Marc Lavoine is 60 years old: secrets of his crazy loves [PHOTOS]

For Marc Lavoine, love does not stop… The singer, who celebrates his 60th birthday on August 6, married the young novelist Line Papin, then separated. This father of 4 children has been married three times and even had a romance with a man. Who were the loves of his life?

  Marc Lavoine is 60 years old: secrets of his crazy loves [PHOTOS]

' I confess to you that I have always been very very in love women I met ', dropped Marc Lavoine in seven to eight . The singer, who turns 60 this August 6, is a great sentimental, in life as on stage. The bewitching coach of The Voice  has lived long and passionate romances , married three times, had four children , and even experienced a story with a man . Who were the loves of his life?

Line Papin, his young ex-wife, his Papou

Marc Lavoine and Line Papin

Marc Lavoine was delighted with the young novelist Line Papin , which he has married on July 25, 2020 at the town hall of the 5th arrondissement of Paris in front of the mayor of the capital, Anne Hidalgo , according Closer .

But in April 2022, Le Figaro a announced on divorce old lovebirds. Line Papin had had a miscarriage of twins, then had an abortion. trials that had greatly weakened the couple ... before destroying it.

' It wasn't easy, but life is making waves around us. I couldn't find my place, it was impossible for me to offer one to this child “, she confided to Evening Mag , a few weeks before the announcement of the divorce.

The couple had united in a small committee, in front of Marc Lavoine's uncle and aunt and the parents of his young wife . On the witness side, the interpreter of the Gun Eyes would have chosen Marie Lafitte, her press officer at Fayard editions who would have put Line Papin's first book in her hands, as well as her manager Frédéric Domenech according to Paris Match .

Sublime in her simple white dress, Line Papin had said 'yes' to the artist, after 3 marriage proposals , as revealed Paris Match . Marc Lavoine would have first asked for the hand of his beauty in a Parisian taxi, offering her a magnificent ring. He then met with the author's parents to obtain their agreement. Finally, the dad of Simon, Yasmine, Roman and Milo would have formalized his vows ' kneeling on the ground in front of all his friends ', December 30 for the birthday of his beloved. Despite the decades between them, the 59-year-old singer and 25-year-old writer lived their love in the open.

Marc Lavoine considered his young wife as his 'light ', according to his confidences to Nice morning : ' We only have one life, so I want to live it to the fullest! I am in love with this woman. It is the most beautiful light that life has brought to me with my children. I was in the dark for 10-15 years... There I see the colors again. I am happy. So why hide? '.

It's 2016 in the studio of France Inter , while recording the show Carte blanche where he is invited, that Marc Lavoine meets Line Papin , came to present her first novel awakening . An undeniable intelligence, a hypnotic serenity and an extraordinary beauty, the novelist has everything to crack the interpreter of Gun Eyes .

The singer even composed a piece to his muse , entitled Ma Papua . ' My last appointment, my ultimate hypothesis / Perhaps you are the lost work of Velázquez? / My grandpa, my grandpa / Doing her striptease to prepare for my steeplechase / Straightened the tower of Pisa, the showcase is hot / Hotter, they say, than the Piton de la Fournaise “, he intones to express his mad love

Denise Pascale: love at first sight, separation and drama

Long before meeting Line Papin, Marc Lavoine was married for almost 10 years to African American model Denise Pascale . In the 80s, it was thanks to his punctuality that he met the young woman during a casting for a series ! ' I had arrived early, Denise's partner was late. So we rehearsed our roles together. We had to play a scene of great tenderness, a romantic encounter “, he remembers in Paris here .

If they are both rejected from the casting, they do not leave empty-handed… ' We consoled ourselves by going to have tea with an actress friend... We are fell in love by accident we had a child by accident “, he tells Psychologies Magazine . In 1986, Denise Pascale gave birth to their son, a little simon .

If they divorce a few years later, they never cut ties and keep a mutual admiration… until death does not separate them definitively . In December 2017, the former model tragically dies of cancer . A drama from which Marc Lavoine, who had gone to his bedside a few months before his death, never really recovered.

Sarah Poniatowski: her longest love story

Marc Lavoine and Sarah Poniatowski

In 1995, Marc Lavoine marries interior designer Sarah Poniatowski, sister of jewelry designer Marie Poniatowski, in Marrakech. Together they give birth to Yasmine , 22 years old, Roman , 13 years old, and Milo , 10 years. But after 25 years of love , the couple separate in 2018.

For the interpreter of I descend from the monkey , their story ' took a long time to finish ' , according to his confidences in the Parisian. ' Because you don't slam a door like that. Because love moves, but it's still there. I spent a quarter of a century with her , it's almost a life. I wrote a lot for Sarah “, he explained.

Their divorce is suddenly announced, but the former spouses seem determined to stay on good terms. ' We have children we want to protect. We love each other, we want to keep our family which is our base “, explains the singer to The Obs.

The man who counted in his life

Who would've believed that? The interpreter of I only want her lived a nice story with a 'he' during his younger years! In 1986, the singer told Mireille Dumas: ' I can't say that men attract me, I can say that I met a guy who is my age and who counted as much as the woman I live with today. It was a real love story r '.

However, Marc Lavoine does not consider himself bisexual: ' Bisexuality, homosexuality, whatever, the important thing is love. At some point, the cravings are there and to be well in your head you have to assume yourself, that's all' .