Make-up removal: tips and products for clear skin

 Make-up removal: tips and products for clear skin Make-up removal is an essential beauty gesture to keep skin healthy and young. Gel, mask, lotion, oil, cream... Discover all our tips for choosing and applying them.

Even after an exhausting day or an evening that ended late at night, facial make-up removal is a step that should not be skipped because it allows remove impurities as well as makeup and pollution residue. Once clean, the skin is ready to receive specific treatments: moisturizers, anti-aging or anti-blemishes to stay beautiful and young.

Choose the right makeup remover

Milk, oil, jelly... there are a plethora of make-up remover products. To make the right choice, you have to keep account of their skin type and the comfort of the texture .

Remove eye makeup

It is the most fragile and sensitive area of ​​the face. That's why she deserves gentle and meticulous make-up removal so as not to irritate him.

Cleanse the mouth

Often included in the make-up removal of the complexion, the mouth nevertheless deserves a specific cleaning, especially when it has been made up with a very pigmented lipstick. To remove the material, use a cotton ball soaked in make-up remover and then gently dab lips. Finalize make-up removal with a second cotton pad that you pinch between the lips to remove the excess.

Cleanse the complexion

Follow these steps to gently remove makeup from your face.

  1. Start with the eye area. Use a specific eye makeup remover. Apply the product to the eye and eyebrow area using a cotton ball. Let the product soak in, then fold the cotton around the fringe of the eyelashes to remove the excess.
  2. Then move on to removing make-up from the face using a specific milk for this area. Place a small amount of product on two cotton pads, then cleanse your skin by making circular movements from the inside to the outside of the face, emphasizing the sides of the nose, without forgetting the neck and décolleté.
  3. Use a tonic lotion that you will apply with two cotton pads by making gestures of pressure pads from the inside to the outside of the face.
  4. Finish with a thermal water vaporization to soothe your skin and follow with a skin cleansing.

'Remove makeup well'