Maïté: soon to be back on television? What becomes of her?

Almost twenty years after the end of her television career, Maïté is still intriguing. Is she still alive? How old is she ? What is his real first name? And how is she?

  Maïté: soon to be back on television? What becomes of her?

[Updated November 7, 2022 at 4:53 p.m.] Who does not remember Maite , his inimitable voice, his Landes accent and his cuisine generous? Almost twenty years after her last appearance on television, the former cook still intrigues foodies, who wonder if Maite is still alive and if yes, how old is she today and what becomes of her ? These questions are all the more topical as the cult show The Kitchen of the Musketeers will soon be back on France 3, with chef Fabrice Mignot and comedian Caroline Estremo. A look back at the career of the PAF's most famous cook, her cult shows and her recipe books.

How old is Maïté? His biography

It is in Rion-des-Landes, in the S out-Ouest of France, that Marie-Thérèse Ordonez known as Maite was born on June 2, 1938. When she was younger, she worked as an announcer at the SNCF, where she warned workers of the imminent passage of trains using a trumpet. In 1983, her life changed when she met director Patrice Bellot. At the time, Maïté cooked for the players of the local rugby team and the newspaper, reporting for the event, took a close interest in the cook and asked her to host The kitchen of the Musketeers on France 3.

Building on this success, she then appeared on the show At table, before opening her own restaurant 'Chez Maïté' in the 90s. The cook continued her media career as a host at Sud Radio. and made an appearance in 2003 on the reality show Nice People. Some time later, she also appeared in two episodes of the show This is not rocket science . In 2015, a complicated year is announced, his restaurant At Maïté is placed in compulsory liquidation .

What becomes of Maïté?

Today, Maïté devotes herself fully to her two granddaughters in a family home located in her native village. One of them, Camille Ortonez, had also made a remarkable passage in Objective Top Chef, in 2018 on M6. The latter had given news of her grandmother, assuring that she was doing very well. 'L The media side has passed to him. In 2010, she chose to retire and be quiet.'

The eel and the ortolan... the cult scenes of Maité?

On screen, the Landes cook presented a few shows such as The kitchen of the Musketeers alongside Micheline Banzet, her right-hand man and co-host, but also At table and made a few appearances on the channel 'Hunting and fishing' . A passage has also become cult, that of 'the eel'. Indeed, Maïté had to face an eel very vivacious, which obviously did not want to go to the pan. It then took him several good blows of the stick to finish off this well-agitated freshwater fish. In the unforgettable sequences, we also find the recipe for the ortolan , in which she explains in detail how to prepare it, with commentary bordering on steamy.

What are Maïté's emblematic recipes?

Maïté's cuisine is above all generosity and authenticity . Good traditional and friendly dishes that stick to the body. To do good, you need good. The Landes cook likes to highlight local dishes through rich and hearty recipes such as crepinette with foie gra you are there turkey with quail . Sensitive soul abstain, Maïté cooks everything from A to Z, even the and wild boar which she butchers before your eyes, just like her duck recipe where the animal still alive must be bled.

Its cuisine signifies the return to the great classics with, for example, its snail fricassee to the nettle puree . Among his recipes, there is the famous cassoulet from his village which she prepares using a peak, a tool typical of the region. At Maïté's table, you will find recipes rich in flavors without forgetting… armagnac present in his recipe for flamed lobster .

What are Maïté's cult lines?

Maïté is also cult phrases and real outspokenness. The cook has a strong character and don't mince words. ' There's no woodcock written here! ' or ' Oh good mother! '. Maïté has conquered gourmets with her cuisine but also with ses expressions which make her a true emblematic character of the small screen.