Magalie Madison celebrates her 49th birthday: what becomes of 'Annette' in PREMIERS BAISERS?

Magalie Madison, aka the iconic Annette in 'First Kisses', celebrates her 49th birthday! Money, retraining, love, family life, big head, music, return to TV... What has become of the actress since the end of the AB years?

  Magalie Madison celebrates her 49th birthday: what becomes of"Annette" dans PREMIERS BAISERS ?

How can we forget his high-pitched voice, his round glasses and his cries of emotion in front of Monsieur Girard in First Kisses ? Magalie Madison , charismatic interpreter of Annette in the sitcom, turns 49 on June 9 ! Most what becomes so the actress who marked the AB years? Journey, secrets and latest news from Magalie Madison...

Magalie Madison: how she landed the role of Annette

- Magalie Madison , born Watery , was born in 1973 in Longjumeau, Essonne. She grew up in a family of Spanish origin.

- In 1991, she participated in the casting of First Kisses , while she is a novice in terms of comedy and is not particularly destined for this profession. At the audition, the producers ask him to whatever, but she chooses instead to adopt a high-pitched voice . Bingo! The personality of the actress and the dimension she gives to the character are appealing and she is hired to camper Annette in the sitcom. The beginning of an adventure full of emotions...

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- In the series, Joel Cresson plays Annette's boyfriend. Also in real life, he's Magalie Madison's boyfriend... but gets kicked out of the sitcom after their rupture .

- In 2002, a few years after the end of First Kisses , she appears in Jean Rollin's film, Bride of Dracula . At the same time, she plays in plays, such as Unsaid , by Grégoire Christophe, with Michael Galabru .

Magalie Madison, mother of.

- In 2010, she released an album called 23H23 .

- She is the mother of a teenager named Hunting .

- Magalie Madison agrees to step into the shoes of Annette again in The Mysteries of Love , broadcast on TMC . She appears in several episodes from season 3 to 26, the current one. And surprised! The character of Annette is in a relationship with Monsieur Girard , illustrious father of Hélène and Justine, on whom she fantasized in First Kisses .

- alongside Anthony Dupray , which camped Anthony in First Kisses , she interprets again the role of Annette in the play Last kisses , played for several months in 2019.

Magalie Madison: what did she do with the money from Premiers Baisers?

- Magalie Madison a ' all spent ' money that she had earned during her years TF1 . ' There's a time when I'd say I got a little lost the concept of money …Because when you earn quite a lot, young, it's not obvious, but I haven't done anything either ', she confided in the show It starts today . She had nevertheless acquired a property. ' I had bought a house but I sold it when it ended ', she said in the documentary They shone on TV: what happened to them? , broadcast on TFX.

- Magalie Madison admits having took the big head for a while, at the height of the AB series. ' As we are invited everywhere, we are puts a lot on a pedestal , there is a side like that where all of a sudden, things are somewhat due to us. When it's not the reality “, remembered the actress in It starts today .

Fortunately, Magalie Madison was quickly brought back to earth by his relatives: ' I also already had an existing group of friends, outside of the series and my family, so it's true that I was quickly brought back . I was like, 'Hey oh, watch out, wake up- you''.

Magalie Madison tree link

- From now on, Magalie Madison is also sensory resource practitioner and is trained in sylvotherapy, which consists in improving one's well-being by hugging trees and by being in contact with them, as she explains on her Instagram account. It is also particularly involved in environmental battles, such as reforestation. 'I work mainly on the feet and I come to reharmonize the energies. It brings everyday changes to people's lives,' she also explained in the documentary. They shone on TV: what happened to them?.

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- In early 2021, producer Jean-Luc Azoulay announced that First Kisses could make a comeback for a continuation of the adventures of the main heroes, more than 30 years after the broadcast of the first episode. ' I think it will normally see the light of day in 2021. The whole team would be in, Camille Raymond, Magalie Madison and Christophe Rippert “, he had specified in Entertainment TV . But time has passed and Jean-Luc Azoulay has given no news of this project. Fingers crossed...