Magali Ripoll (Don't forget the lyrics): Lifestyle, age, sport... she says it all

For fifteen years, Magali Ripoll has been an indispensable part of 'Don't forget the lyrics'. And this week, 'Télé-Loisirs' has decided to put it in the spotlight in one of its numbers. The opportunity for her to reveal the secret of her Olympic form.

  Magali Ripoll (N.'oubliez pas les paroles) : Hygiène de vie, âge, sport... elle dit tout

For more than fifteen years now, Magali Ripoll has been giving voice to Do not forget the lyrics , the cult show of Nagui broadcast on France 2. Every evening from 6:40 p.m., the one that many describe as the clown of the show therefore gives all her energy on the set of this daily newspaper very popular with the French, especially alongside her accomplice and lifelong sidekick. , Fabien Haimovici.

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Having become an emblematic figure of the program, the chorister, accordionist and keyboardist is also the conductor of the show's event tour. Don't forget the lyrics is giving a show . A frantic pace that imposes a strict and impeccable lifestyle that the main interested party has agreed to detail this Monday, October 17, 2022 in the columns of the magazine Tele-Leisure .

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Magali Ripoll's wellness routine to keep up the pace

Highlighted in the latest issue of the newspaper, Magali Ripoll has therefore unveiled her precise daily routine, essential to stay the course in the impressive machine that is the blockbuster. Do not forget the lyrics . The best way for the musician with an extremely busy schedule to preserve her health, and her precious vocal cords, his main working tool. “On recording days, we can shoot up to 14 shows. At the same time, this dynamic allows us to be efficient and spontaneous” , she explains at first. 'With my thyme tea, I'm more efficient than if I go bar hopping!' , she continues laughing. Before adding: 'I try to chain several days by going to bed early' .

What age to Magali Ripoll?

This is a subject of curiosity for many viewers. While she has already been teased by Nagui on the show about her age, supposedly 52, she has restored the truth. This time, in the pages of Here is : ' In fact, it's a joke. I'm 43...but I like to say that the best, most economical and painless way for a woman to look younger (as it's all the rage) is to add 10 more years ! '

Magali Ripoll is a great sportswoman

And to the one who is also the mother of two children, Chloé (10 years old) and Marius (4 years old), two toddlers who do not react, according to her 'not so much' when they see him on television, to say that they also do a lot of sport. 'I also have a sports coach who makes me do cardio and muscle strengthening exercises' , she tells our colleagues from Entertainment TV during his interview. It is therefore not surprising that she displays an Olympic form daily on France 2. To the delight of the regulars of the show.