Madonna, 64 and unrecognizable without makeup

Accustomed to showing her face transformed by the filters, Madonna has finally dropped the mask, displaying her completely bare skin. And the result is surprising. Find out what Madonna looks like without makeup or filters.

 Madonna, 64 and unrecognizable without makeup

Madonna continues to be talked about on social networks: she revealed on TikTok a new video of her without makeup or any filters. Her fans struggle to recognize the totally natural face of the 64-year-old star.

Madonna, finally without makeup

Madonna posted a new video on her TikTok account a few days ago, displaying a striking 'before and after' of her face. constantly use and abuse filters first appears natural, without an ounce of make-up or any artifice. While she usually flaunts extra smooth skin and youthful features in her retouched photos, here Madonna shows off her bare skin, with redness, blemishes and a few visible wrinkles. A natural look that surprised some Internet users who admit that they did not recognize the American singer. After a short video transition, Madonna then presents herself with a completely different face, made up and enhanced by a neat hairstyle.

Madonna follows beauty trends

In this TikTok video, we also discover the Madonna's new hair color . As she wavered between blonde and pink, the star 64 years old now wears Red hair , fall 2022 flagship color that she had already briefly tried last September. Another beauty trend of the moment adopted by the mother of six children: discolored eyebrows . Fine and invisible, these eyebrows accentuate the surprising beauty look of Madonna who continues to play the provocation, her trademark since the beginning of her career.