bankruptcy: canceled deliveries, refunds... what recourse for customers??

Founded in 2010, the London decoration brand is going into compulsory liquidation. What next for What about open orders for customers? Can they be refunded? Understand everything. bankruptcy: canceled deliveries, refunds... what recourse for customers??

[Updated Nov 7, 2022 11:11 a.m.] Blow to the world of decoration. Having become a benchmark in designer furniture since its creation by Li Ning and Brent Hoberman 12 years ago, is bankrupt and many customers want to be reimbursed.

How to explain the bankruptcy of

Lower demand due to inflation, supply and logistics issues... Despite collections that are always in tune with the times and beautifully crafted products, the dissatisfaction of customers, exasperated by fairly long delivery times and not always efficient customer service, is palpable. Also, the failed IPO of the company, which approached 775 million pounds in June 2021, did not help.

Orders on Hold, Awaiting Delivery: How to Retrieve or Refund?

The online furniture seller with 7 showrooms suffers a reversal of fortune which results in the stop new orders , announced in Home of site . says it is however able to deliver current orders : “As soon as possible, we will communicate more information to the customers concerned. ', without specifying a date. In a frequently asked question, also explains not being able to process returns, refunds and cancellations of orders but hope 'resume refunds as soon as possible.' On the brand's social networks, we learn, through customer comments, that many of them are unhappy.

Among the possible remedies for the latter, the association UFC-Que-Choose advise to contact your bank to block the payment. In case payment has already been debited, please feel free to play your insurance bank card , which can protect you in the event of a commercial dispute. Also, be aware that some customers have seized the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, and its mediator) , an entity capable of finding amicable arrangements. And, on Facebook, a group collects testimonials from injured customers waiting for a response.

What future for

Faced with the collapse of the stock and negotiations with potential buyers at a standstill, the company Made Design Ltd announced its intention to appoint a receiver. The group would need 40 to 70 million pounds to get back on its feet. On good terms.