Mac Lesggy unleashed on stage with a rapper: a surprising VIDEO!

Mac Lesggy will always surprise us! On September 29, 2022, the host of the cult show 'E=M6' took to the stage at a concert by rapper Nelick and started to... dance like crazy! A video that has gone viral. He reacted on social media.

  Mac Lesggy unleashed on stage with a rapper: a surprising VIDEO!

Who would have thought one day to witness this scene? This September 29, the famous presenter of the show E=M6 , Mac Lesggy , has climbed on stage during a concert by rapper Nelick and got carried away by the frenzied rhythms of sound, waving his fists in the air. He was next to the 25-year-old artist, who interpreted his title entitled... Mac Lesggy  ! The visibly delighted rapper posted the video to his Instagram account and captioned: 'Aaaaaaah lesggy baby! '. As for Mac Lesggy, he commented on the video, writing: ' Sorry… couldn't resist joining you on stage 'Internet users were particularly surprised to see the 60-year-old host and agricultural engineer go wild alongside the rapper.' Legendary “, commented one of them.

Mac Lesggy: Why did he go on stage with Nelick?

But how did Mac Lesggy find himself on stage alongside the rapper? 'Nelick's production had contacted me this summer telling me that he had autographed a song called Mac Lesggy . They asked me if it bothered me. Of course I said no. “, first told the facilitator to TV Mag .

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Then, the facilitator discovered that Nelick performed on the Point Ephémère stage , in Paris, on September 29. The famous scientist simply said to himself that he could not miss the opportunity to surprise the public! ' I happened to have friends at Point Éphémère, quai de Valmy in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, who told me that Nelick was passing by on Thursday, September 29. Out of curiosity, I thought I'd go and see. It's not every day that we have a song named after you “, he explained to the magazine.

The host was unleashed on stage, the video is a hit!

And the host to continue his story: ' I don't know if it was him or me who had the idea. As I thought it was danceable, I went upstairs and danced for two minutes . I like to dance. It's funny because everyone was surprised to see me dancing '. And Mac Lesggy's video was widely viewed: 1.6 million views on Twitter alone!

But why was the rapper inspired by the host for the title of his song? ' Nelick was a loyal viewer of E=M6 when he was young, he told me that it taught him a lot of things, that he liked my look. In fact, with his friends, instead of saying 'let's go' to say 'allons-y', they say 'lesgui'. It comes from there “, detailed Mac Lesggy, still with TV Mag .