M&M's welcomes a colorful new character for a very specific reason

The famous brand of colored peanut dragees dipped in chocolate has announced the arrival of a new quirky character. Her name is Violette and she's not your average M&M!

 M&M's accueille un nouveau personnage haut en couleur et cela pour une raison bien précise

You may know Red and Yellow, the two famous characters from M&M's. Discover Violette now! On September 28, the dragee family at the peanut expanded with a new female mascot . With his long eyelashes and his boots, this new character was created for very specific purposes. It has been 10 years since the chocolate candy brand had a new member in the M&M's family.

An M&M's clip for two good ideas

In a video clip, the public is invited to discover 'Purple' in its true nature: that of a singer. For 1 min 40, the mascot interprets 'I am what I am'. In rhythm and with the famous humor from M&M's commercials , she repeats the chorus ' I'll just be me' while confessing his apprehension to join the M&M's family . This is the first good idea of ​​this new campaign. Second, each time the song is played, M&M's pays out 1 dollar - up to $500,000 - at Sing for Hope , a non-profit organization that promotes arts education.

Where to find this new M&M's?

If Violet is the new M&M's family spokesperson , its color has already been visible for a long time in the packets of chocolate dragees. In effect, 'purple M&M's have been popping up every now and then since the 1940s', the company told online media The Takeout.  The arrival of 'Purple' therefore does not mark new for foodies. The choice of color for this character would come, still according to the same source, from a vote carried out in 2002. Chocolate lovers all over the world had voted overwhelmingly for designate purple as the new color add to M&M's bags.

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In a recent Instagram post, Violette presented a new creation of the brand available in 2023 : 'Caramel Cold Brew' flavored chocolates (cold infusion with caramel).

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