Lunar calendar 2023: the dates for gardening according to the lunar star

Like the tides or hair growth, the development of plants in the garden is influenced by the moon. Here is everything you need to know to better understand the effects of this satellite on the garden and take advantage of it. How about gardening with the moon in 2023?

  Lunar calendar 2023: the dates for gardening according to the'astre sélène

Gardening with the moon is to do garden work according to the position of the moon . Nothing is scientifically proven, but gardeners, since the Middle Ages, have observed that there are phases favorable to all gardening operations: planting, prune , harvest and even do nothing at all. While it is difficult to accurately assess the impact of the moon on plantations, the benefits obtained by choosing to garden with the moon have been known for several centuries. The specialists cross-reference these lunar phases with the signs of the zodiac, according to the constellations that the moon crosses in the sky and have thus obtained detailed recommendations for each type of plant.

Lunar Calendar 2023

What are the different auspicious days to garden with the moon in 2023?

During the 27 days of its cycle, the moon gradually passes in front of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. The care to be given varies according to the constellation in front of which the moon is located. By consulting the moon calendar , you will learn when it is best to take care of root vegetables, fruit or leafy plants or rather flowering plants . The auspicious days of the lunar calendar for garden with the moon are thus divided into 4 large families:

  • The flower days : these days are favorable for sow , plant and harvest flowers or flowering vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli.
  • The root days : these days are conducive to the cultivation of bark and root vegetables such as garlic or radish.
  • The leaf days : favor the size and the mowing shrubs and lawns, as well as the cultivation of foliage plants such as leeks.
  • The fruit and seed days : them fruit trees and fruit vegetables, such as eggplant or tomato, are in the spotlight.

How does the lunar calendar work?

To garden with the moon, you must refer to the lunar calendar , which can easily be found on the internet. Based on a classic calendar, the lunar calendar relies on the position of the moon to define good days for gardening , depending on the type of plant. The constellations, the ancestry or the descent of the moon as well as its rotation around the Earth constitute the various elements which intervene in this calculation.

The moon completes its cycle in orbit around the Earth in just over 27 days: this is called a lunar month . During this month, the moon will be rising then descending, and at the same time waxing or waning. During the so-called rising period, the sap of the plants rises towards the branches, and this is the right time for all above-ground care (treatments, grafts, etc.). Then, during the downward period, the sap goes back down to the roots. It is then necessary to carry out all your plantations and fertilize your land. This is also a good time to prune your plants. Plus, watch the crescent moons, and check the calendar. When it is growing, rather harvest the products that you will taste a few days later, because they will keep better. If it's waning, feel free to pick the chewable fruits and veggies right away, for even more flavor! Note that every month, about 4 days are considered bad for the garden.

Why choose to garden with the moon?

The respect for natural cycles of the moon seems to improve the resistance of plants, which leads to the use of less treatment and the adoption of a cultivation method that is more oriented towards the organic gardening . In fact, the influence of the moon is due to its power of attraction on all the liquids of the Earth, as can be seen with the tides. It then acts in the same way on the sap inside the plants: when the moon is rising, the movement of the sap is upward. The leaves will then grow faster, the flowers bloom more abundantly and the seeds germinate more quickly. The downward movement of sap, on the contrary, is interesting for cuttings and root development.

Gardening with the moon allows you to promote plant germination and growth , to a more abundant and tastier harvest . The plants will be able to grow faster and be more resistant, because they will be better nourished. It works wonders for salads for example. Planted at the right time, they will not go up. It is also a very useful way to manage a hedge. However, gardening with the moon is not a miracle and cannot replace a fertilizer or a pesticide.

The only problem with moon gardening is that there are no timeless general rules because the calendar varies every year. It is impossible on your own to draw conclusions from the observations of the sky and the ephemerides. The recommendations must be followed to the letter, day after day and keep some common sense . We must also always take into account the weather, essential in gardening. If the calendar says that you must sow on such a day but a big storm has soaked the ground, it is better to abstain.