Lumigny Zoological Parks: what's new in 2023?

The zoological parks of Lumigny offer two spaces for nature lovers: the Parc des Félins, grouping 26 species, and the Terre des Singes.

  Lumigny Zoological Parks: what's new in 2023?

Lumigny Zoo offers two wooded theme parks of more than 90 hectares and located in the heart of Brie Seine et Marnaise. Visitors have the choice between Parc des Félins, which includes 26 species of the 36 that populate the planet or the land of the monkeys , closer to primates. In 2019, the two parks decided to unite. This is how they were created THE Zoological Parks de Lumigny . Both have the same philosophy of valuing the observation of animals in the wild. This is why enclosures that are as close as possible to the natural living conditions of the species have been designed, thus promoting the natural behaviors and instincts of the animals. The Zoological Parks of Lumigny are also invested in the conservation and protection of species. In particular by participating in European and international breeding programs.

Feline Park
The ouanderou, one of the nine new species of L'arhcipel des singes

The Feline Park

Tigers, lynxes, lions, cheetahs, cougars or even ocelots... More than 160 felines are grouped in this dedicated park, in 71 hectares of area. From Europe to Asia, via America and Africa , visitors will be surprised to discover the white tigers , to admire the snow panthers , Siberian lynxes, without forgetting cheetahs, pumas, lions and tigers, coming from all over the world. Malay tigers or Sumatran tiger, panthère du Sri Lanka or Persian, white tigers ... Both young and old will be amazed to see so many felines. In the center of the park, do not miss the island of lemurs. The latter evolve in total freedom on an island of one hectare, under the amused gaze of visitors. The feline park can be visited on foot but also by train, on board Trans'Felines to discover the residents from another angle.

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Babette's house

The children appreciate the felines, but they will love petting the goats at the Ferme de Babette! Goats and biquettes roam in an enclosure accessible to all, all day long.

The opinion of the editorial staff on the feline park

The editorial staff of the Journal des Femmes went with the family to the feline park. Young and old were amazed by the diversity of felines (26 species distributed in a single park). This is the zoo that offers the largest concentration of felines in the world! We then observe the Malaysian tigers in a green setting, just a few meters from us, we admire the white tigers and the lions, majestic, taking their nap, we let the leopards and the black panther approach the visitors, almost confusing these wild animals with stuffed animals as we find them magnificent. The journey by train is to be done: it allows you to see the contours of the park, and to see the felines from another angle. Sometimes hidden during our walk, we see them for sure aboard the Trans'felins.

Lemur Island, within the Feline Park, is also a family experience! Here we have the chance to observe them living in community. These little lemurs, some of which are only a few months old, don't hesitate to stroll right in the middle of visitors in the aisles. We can then (without touching them) observe them closely. Here they are jumping in all directions, climbing trees, hugging their mom, bickering and posing for lovers of beautiful photographs. 'But how don't they escape if they're on the loose'?, asks little Fabien to the trainer... Simply because they are surrounded by a lake, and they are afraid of water. Lemurs recognize each other by their cries and their smell, which is why they should not be petted, the specialist tells us.

Among the experiences of the feline park that the children loved? Babette's ferme! You can approach heaps of goats and biquettes, which like to be petted by visitors. We were even able to feed them by buying a packet of plain popcorn (2 euros) adapted to their diet (be careful not to give them any other food). Very greedy, the goats pounce on us as soon as we pass through the enclosure door, and the biggest ends up snatching the popcorn from our hands. So be careful not to leave the package in the hands of the little ones, because the goats come in groups and put their paws on you.

As discoveries are made, Lumigny Park reminds visitors, young and old, how much nature must be preserved for the well-being of animals. This is also the message conveyed through the 4D movie 'The Voyage of Noah'. The children are disappointed: they expected to see felines... But the cartoon tells the story of a little boy transformed into a lemur, who sets off on the back of a pelican to observe the consequences of human behavior. And finally, the message got through: leaving the room, Liel, 8, did not hesitate to pick up the papers to throw them in the trash 'to protect nature and animals'.

The Land of the Apes: primates and birds in the spotlight

The Land of the Monkeys is located just opposite the Parc des Félins. Visitors will be able to enter the wild territory of Barbary macaques (in the Safari Magots) and walk in the middle of more than 50 macaques evolving in total freedom. There are many species of primates, including Geladas, primates from Ethiopia, as well as our Tamarins and Marmosets, small monkeys from South America. Most ? Caretakers answer questions from visitors who can also attend commented feedings. Also don't miss the Safari Perroquets to meet more than 100 colorful birds including: macaws, parakeets and other amazons flying freely at full speed above your heads. A dedicated lorikeet aviary, famous for its bright colors, allows visitors to hand-feed the birds. Don't miss the Archipelago of the Monkeys, created in 2021, when La Terre des Singes welcomed no less than nine new species in 2021, or 80 animals! This 3-hectare area is made up of nine islands, one for each species. As a family, you can meet ouanderous macaques, yellow-breasted capuchins, black howler monkeys, bonnet gibbons, Geoffroy's marmosets, pinched tamarins, brush-tailed oustitis or even spider monkeys. Also enjoy a new immersive experience with the squirrel monkeys of Peru.

  land of the monkeys
Land of the Monkeys

Address of the Lumigny Zoological Parks

Domaine de la Fortelle, 77542 Lumigny-Nesles-Ormeaux

Phone : 01 64 51 33 33

Prices of Lumigny Zoological Parks

It is possible to buy tickets giving access to the two zoological parks or to one of the two according to your choice. Note that the visit time is longer for the feline park.

  • One-day ticket Parc des felins: at 21 euros for adults (over 11 years old), 13.50 euros for children from 3 to 910 years old, 17.30 euros for students and disabled adults, 9.50 euros for disabled children (3 to 10 years old ). Free entry for children under 3 years old.
  • One day ticket Terre des singes : 16 euros for adults over 11 years old, 10 euros for 3-10 year olds, 12 euros for students and disabled adults, 7.5 euros for disabled children (from 3 to 10 years old). Free for children under 3 years.
  • Ticket price for the two parks in one day: 28 euros for adults (from 11 years old), 16 euros for children from 3 to 10 years old, 23 euros for students, 22.70 euros for disabled people over 11 years old and 12.50 for children disabled from 3 to 10 years old.

Opening hours of the Lumigny Zoological Parks

Opening February 1, 2023. Open daily from February to October, then Tuesday to Sunday in November. The opening hours vary according to the period and are not the same for the two parks. To find them, visit the website .