Luana Belmondo, criticized for her 'lifestyle': her scathing response

While on vacation in the Caribbean, Luana Belmondo was strongly criticized by a surfer. But at the Belmondo's, whoever rubs shoulders with it takes a liking to it...

  Luana Belmondo, criticized for her"train de vie" : sa réponse cinglante

Luana Belmondo and her husband, Paul Belmondo, enjoyed their summer. First on vacation in Rome, they then spent happy days in the Caribbean, in Antigua and Barbuda more precisely. The opportunity for the Italian to recharge her batteries, to refocus on herself… and to share all her personal progress with her 134,000 subscribers on her Instagram account.

Luana Belmondo attacked on social networks

August 28, the daughter-in-law of the late John Paul Belmondo once again shared the bottom of his thought with his followers . In caption of a selfie of the simplest, she wrote the following: ' When you start getting rid of everything that isn't 'healthy' for you... Work, people, situations, things ... Inevitably, some will call you selfish. Well tell yourself that this is the beginning where you are in the process of respecting yourself and loving yourself... Don't listen, persevere and move forward, because at the end of the road you will finally be yourself. And when you're yourself, you never disappoint, at worst you're not going to please everyone... So what? You are precious' .

If most of his fans greatly appreciate his way of seeing life, others seem to be somewhat annoyed by his statements . In commentary to said snapshot, an anonymous person did not fail to express his dissatisfaction. 'Very easy to do when you walk between the Champs-Elysées, Rome, and Antigua with a lifestyle relieved of contingencies' , he said. And to conclude: 'Lunar. Disconnected. For the most part, we don't have the means to listen to our emotions' .

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Luana Belmondo's scathing response to her detractor

A comment that did not go unnoticed and to which the mother of Victor, Giacomo and Alessandro immediately responded in an Instagram story. 'Before blocking it, I wanted to share with you the typical comment of a person who has understood nothing of the true meaning of life, who has to live badly with himself and will surely never know his inner happiness' , she let go, visibly annoyed. 'Of course, as these people have a great sense of courage... They hide behind fake accounts... That's why I eliminated them from my life', she was then indignant before blocking her detractor. That has the merit of being clear!