Love is in the meadow: A star couple divorces, explanations!

End clap! A cult couple formed thanks to the dating show 'Love is in the meadow', on M6, has just announced their divorce. After two years of romantic relationship, it is therefore unfortunately over between Mathieu and Alexandre.

  L'amour est dans le pré : Un couple phare divorce, explications !

Here is some (bad) news that is surprising: Mathieu and Alexandre, a couple formed in 2020 in season 15 of Love is in the meadow , divorced. While the lovers were quickly married and had a baby project, this is the end of their beautiful story. It's Mathieu, a bull breeder in the Camargue. who made this revelation to Jordan De Luxe on the set of his show At Jordan's , for Entertainment TV .

Why Mathieu and Alexandre divorce?

Against all expectations, the couple therefore chose to separate. But no arguments, cheating or anything serious. Mathieu gave a very simple explanation: ' Today, we separate, by mutual agreement. Well, we call each other every day. We lived two extraordinary years, really. We did a lot of trips. But at some point, Alexandre struggled to find his place. I think he needed a quieter, less turbulent life. He wanted to be stable, a more traditional life (...) I'm sure there's no one. He's a very straight guy. “The separation took place at the end of August. It remains for the now ex-couple, who have become very close to the host Karine Le Marchand, to begin the official steps to divorce before the law…

If Mathieu accepts the situation, this obviously does not prevent him from being devastated by this rupture. ' But it is a blow. It's more of a decision on his part. . But you know, when you love, you have to know how to listen to the other (...) I need a more turbulent life, to move right and left, to do lots of things. The life I wanted didn't fit anymore “, specifies the 45-year-old breeder. The divorce itself is already planned for the fall. As a reminder, the couple was married on June 26, 2021.

Mathieu suffers from Cadasil disease, his time is running out

If Mathieu wants to lead a fast life, it is above all to take full advantage because he suffers from an incurable disease: Cadasil disease. A rare pathology that can cause violent migraines, the risk of epileptic seizures or, even worse, strokes. ' The life expectancy of my disease is 62, I'm 44, so you do the math quickly “, he said in 2020 to 20 minutes . A diagnosis that had destroyed him at the time: ' The first month, I collapsed. I locked myself in my house. The second, I was angry. I wanted the whole Earth. 'Then Alexandre, a 25-year-old professional training rider, entered his life.

Aware that he might not be able to live by her side all his life, Mathieu wanted to make sure that her young husband would not find himself alone in the event of his death. ' I would like to find him someone before leaving, to be sure that he is happy, that he is not alone “, he confided to Leisure TV s. 

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Their abandoned GPA? Not so fast!

While they are going to divorce, will Mathieu and Alexandre drop their baby project? The couple had started the process for a GPA – at an estimated cost of 100,000 euros – and, in August, Mathieu had thus gone to Colombia. A trip he maintained even though he knew her young husband wanted a divorce. The breeder, whose semen was to be used for the steps for this Gestation Pour Autrui, will he continue this adventure alone?