Louis Sarkozy got married... Who is Natali Husic, Nicolas and Carla's new daughter-in-law?

After announcing their engagement this summer, Louis Sarkozy and Natali Husic said 'yes' to each other on September 24 in Gordes. But who is this young New Yorker, unknown to the general public, who has just joined the Sarkozy clan?

  Louis Sarkozy s'est marié... Qui est Natali Husic, la nouvelle belle-fille de Nicolas et Carla ?

Long live the brides! Louis Sarkozy and Natali Husic said 'yes' to Gordes, in the Vaucluse, this September 24, five years after revealing their relationship on social networks. According  Paris Match , Louis Sarkozy would have presented his new companion to his family after only a few weeks of relationship. Cecilia Attias would have immediately appreciated the sweetheart his son. It is therefore after 5 years of romance that Sarkozy junior and the beautiful New Yorker announced their engagement in July, to finally get married a few weeks later. It was the mayor of Gordes, Richard Kitaeff, who unveiled the first photos of the newlyweds on Facebook.

The Sarkozy clan gathered for the occasion

For this happy event, the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy and his ex-wife Cécilia Attias were naturally present around their son . Louis' mother-in-law, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, had also made the trip, as well as his little sister Giulia and his brother Jean Sarkozy. The bride had chosen to witness her big sister Yana, who works in luxury and to whom she is very close.

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Louis Sarkozy, to the end of the world with his wife

Nicolas Sarkozy's 25-year-old son and his dear and tender regularly show their happiness, especially on Instagram where the young woman shares tender moments with her lover. True globetrotters, the son of the former President of the Republic and his beautiful go from one plane to another and travel the planet, from the Bahamas to Croatia, from Colombia to Turkey via Milan, Athens, New York or Paris. In the French capital, it is not uncommon to see the young couple at the Parc des Princes to attend a match of Paris Saint-Germain, Nicolas Sarkozy's favorite club.

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Who is Natali Husic-Sarkozy?

Born in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992, this diplomat's daughter grew up in the Congo before settling in the United States. The one who speaks both French and English lives between Washington and New York, and begins a career as a model. Passionate about drama, she took acting classes at the Film Institute of the New York Film Academy and at the Lee Strasberg Theater when she met Nicolas Sarkozy's son. Since then, the young woman has reoriented her career and is studying at New York University (NYU) where she obtained a bachelor's degree in international relations. She then worked as a project manager on behalf of Richard Attias, the father-in-law of Louis Sarkozy, reports Madame Figaro .

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