Louane falls for a Parisian brand that we love

Another flawless fashion for Louane. On her last Instagram post, the singer fell for a printed ensemble from an irresistible Parisian brand.

  Louane falls for a Parisian brand that the'on adore

The specialty of Louane ? Highlight young talents, whether artists, like the singer Chilla with whom she shares a song on Ego, the latest album from it, or creators. Her favorite things are French claws , the very pretty MaisonCléo brand in mind.

But on her last Instagram post, published on November 4, 2022, the young singer promoted another French brand. On a snapshot, where she poses precisely alongside Chilla, Louane appears dressed in a set of the label Miyette . A red cropped jacket and flared pants with a psychedelic rose print. Launched by brother and sister, Boris and Roxane Tardy, the brand is inspired by their childhood memories. The result ? Gourmet and colorful creations, real sweets.

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Louane Emera , Anne Peichert of his real name, was born on November 26, 1996 in Hénin-Beaumont, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais. It was in 2013 that she stood out for the first time, participating in the show The Voice: the most beautiful voice . A year later, she passes in front of the camera in The Aries Family , directed by Eric Lartigau. A first role that will earn her the César for best female hope in 2015. Since then, she has released several albums and regularly appears in the front rows of parades – always with style. More glamorous year after year, she affirms her style by mixing classic hits with the hottest fashion pieces of the season. Moccasins chuncky combined with a miniskirt, short dress and ankle boots or a total look add , Louane clearly has nothing to envy to the bigger ones. Decryption of a look that appropriates all the trends.

Louane behind the scenes of an M6 concert in Issy-les-Moulineaux on June 14, 2014

What was Louane's style at the beginning?

2013: Louane takes part in the show The Voice: the most beautiful voice . At the primes, aged just 16, she sports the most classic teenage style. Black dresses and neutral-hued outfits became part of her wardrobe. Coached by the artist Louis Bertignac, she reached the tele-hook semi-final. An experience that earned him to be noticed by the director Éric Lartigau. Conquered by the aura of the young singer, he entrusts her with the leading role in his film The Aries Family . To ensure the promotion of the feature film, Louane keeps its iconic black dresses and made black his favorite color.

What is his style today?

The Louane of 2022 has grown up well: we are far from the shy teenager of the beginnings. A transition to adulthood that is noticeable in his clothing choices. Sequins, lace and pop colors : the stylistic evolution is noticeable, especially on Instagram. It is on the social network that she regularly shares photos of her outfits with her 1.1 million subscribers. In the city, she adopts a look imbued with Y2K trends: low waists and close-fitting tank tops are among her favorite pieces.

How does she dress on stage?

When performing, Louane is a fan of miniskirts and crop tops. Sometimes alongside composer Florian Rossi , her companion and the father of her child, she wears fashionable looks, which do not fail to attract the attention of the greatest designers. Regularly invited to fashion shows, she draws inspiration from shows to compose costumes in the image of her music: pop.

Louane on the Cannes Series pink carpet on April 3, 2022

What are his favorite brands?

Muse of Musier (the label launched by content creator Anne-Laure Mais), she regularly collaborates with a handful of major brands. Among her favorites are Gucci and Dior, two houses that dressed her during her tour in 2022, but also the Victoria/Tomas label for which she paraded during Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2022-2023, the label of upcycling HouseCléo , Courreges or even Paco Rabanne.

How to copy her looks?

It's not always easy to model your own style on that of a singer. However, with Louane, it is enough to follow the trends launched on social networks. Rule number 1 : don't hesitate to wear color — pastel, or more fluorescent, whatever. Rule number 2 : don't skimp on rhinestones and sequins — a piece that sparkles can completely transform an outfit, day or night. Rule number 3 : don't turn your back on vintage — on the contrary, second-hand shops are full of nuggets just waiting to (re)see the light of day.

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