Lou Pernaut balances: the money she earns thanks to TikTok, the legacy of her father, what he bequeathed to her...

Lou Pernaut earns money through her influencer activity on Instagram and TikTok. Jean-Pierre Pernaut's daughter revealed her income to Jordan De Luxe and opened up about her father's legacy, what he left her and the 'biggest gift' he gave her. .

  Lou Pernaut swings: l'argent qu'elle gagne grâce à TikTok, l'héritage de son père, ce qu'il lui a légué...

Lou Pernaut played cards on the table, on the set of Jordan De Luxe. Invited this March 16 in the show At Jordan's , the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut made many revelations, in particular on the money she earns and the legacy his father left him. How much does the 20-year-old earn for her activity as an influencer on TikTok and Instagram ?

How much does Lou Pernaut earn thanks to TikTok and Instagram?

Lou Pernaut, who studied in a school of interior architecture , already earns comfortable income thanks to his activity influencer on TikTok and Instagram . The daughter of the late journalist and presenter Jean-Pierre Pernaut, aged just 20, revealed to Jordan De Luxe that she could collect up to 3500 euros monthly thanks to social networks. Either the salary of a senior CSP+ executive...

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Lou Pernaut balances on the legacy of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Before dying, his father, who did not wish to reproduce the catastrophe of the Battle of the legacy of Johnny Hallyday (who had split the family into two clans), made sure his will was ready and everything was in order financially. Remember that Jean-Pierre Pernaut was the father of four children: Julia, 45 years old, Olivier, 42 years old , both born of his former union with Dominique Bonnet, as well as Lou, 20, and Tom, 19 , fruits of his love with Nathalie Marquay.

' He was scared ', confirmed Lou Pernaut, who clarified that, contrary to what some might believe, the legacy left to him by his father was not so substantial. ' It is very simple, it's just a house and shares at TF1 , it seems to me “, she assured. The daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay has, moreover, revealed that the biggest gift that her father has ever given her was… a car without a license !

Lou Pernaut knocks out Laurent Fontaine: 'I had never heard of him'

On the set of Jordan De Luxe, Lou Pernaut also took the opportunity to send a message to Laurent Fontaine. This one had made heavy reproaches to him: Sorry, but what I see is not very dignified and I think that you should, since the death of your father, calm down the TikTok a little, go back to school and work '

Faced with these reproaches, the young influencer of 20 years declared, on the set of Jordan De Luxe: ' I didn't understand... I see this gentleman who says: 'I was a great friend of Jean-Pierre. Lou, go to school and work!'. Pardon ? So already, I'm in interior design school. So she works the little one and on top of that, Monsieur did not know my father. I had never heard of him, I didn't know who he was '.

And to continue: The only time I heard of him was because five minutes after my dad died, he called my godmother, who is also my mother's best friend, her agent etc, to ask her if my mother could do an interview and talk about the death of my father (...) It's still crazy to think that the guy wanted so much to surf the buzz of someone's death and then he says that it's me who surfs on the death of my father '. The hatchet is obviously not buried.

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