Lose weight after 40, yes it is possible!

Over time, some pounds that we would like to see disappear tend to settle. And for good reason: losing weight at 40 is not as easy as at 30. So how do you shed those extra pounds without starving yourself? The advice of the nutritionist.

  Lose weight after 40, yes c'est possible !

When the need to lighten up is felt after 40 years, certain tips can help you reconnect with a body in which you feel good. Rebalance your plate, put the kibosh on carbohydrates, practice a suitable sporting activity... Focus on these good habits that boost weight loss and boost morale.

Is it possible to lose weight after 40?

We tend to think that losing weight at 40 would be more difficult than at 20 . So simple myth or truth? According to Raphael Gruman, it is indeed more difficult to lose weight at 40 . And for good reason : ' from the age of 20, the metabolism naturally decreases. So it's harder to lose weight at 40 ', reports the expert. At this pivotal age of life, a phenomenon of weight gain . ' The change in lifestyle can result in sudden weight gain. This may be due to the cessation of physical activity, a change of professional activity or at the personal level (separation, etc.) “, underlines the dietitian.

How to lose weight at 40?

An old belief suggests that after 40 years, only a drastic diet can help lose weight. A heresy according to Raphaël Gruman, dietitian-nutritionist. ' I advise against draconian diets that are difficult to stabilize. What is important is to rebalance your diet , by preparing healthy and balanced meals. At 40, you still have the ability to lose weight easily, so you have to take advantage of it to eat better and avoid drastic diets “Reports Raphaël Gruman.

What to eat to lose weight after 40?

Before concocting your daily menu, it is important to know the nutritional qualities of food. While some promote energy intake and provide the body with the necessary nutrients, others are devoid of interest and contribute to weight gain. According to Raphaël Gruman, these are carbohydrate-rich foods that are most contraindicated from 40 years old . ' Foods rich in fast carbohydrates quickly raise blood sugar, which promotes storage in the form of fat. But also complex sugars or slow sugars – rice, bread, pasta, potatoes – provide large amounts of carbohydrates. But carbohydrates are intended to provide energy to the body, especially during muscular effort.
As soon as physical activity is reduced, carbohydrate intake must be regulated or the body may store these carbohydrates as fat. “, warns the nutritionist.

Foods to avoid

  • sweets
  • ice cream
  • chocolate

As part of a balanced diet, it is better to focus on complex sugars provided by Whole grains. ' To optimize the slowing down of the passage of carbohydrates in the blood, it is necessary to bet on the consumption of complete carbohydrates - brown rice, complete bread - complete pasta - that contain fiber and allow a much slower diffusion at the level of the body .”, recommends Raphaël Gruman.

Favorite foods

  • Vegetables
  • Proteins
  • Whole grains: whole grain rice, whole grain bread, whole grains
  • Oilseeds
  • Fruits

What type of menu to lose weight at 40?

If you are determined to eliminate the kilos that bother you, Raphaël Gruman offers a typical one-day menu for lose weight permanently at 40 years old.

Losing Weight Fast At 40: Good Or Bad Idea?

If weight loss is more difficult at 40, it is not recommended to starve yourself to lose weight quickly. On the other hand, it is possible to lose about 2 pounds in a week through the method of intermittent young . ' We keep breakfast and lunch intact. A dairy product and a small portion of protein (a slice of ham or a little cheese) are added to the snack and the evening meal is skipped. In the evening, we drink a lot of water or herbal teas to drain the body and eliminate a little more “, recommends Raphaël Gruman.

What sports are effective for weight loss at 40?

To accompany a lasting weight loss, the practice of a sporting activity is essential. At 40, there are a multitude of effective practices for eliminating superficial calories. ' Cardio activities - the boxing , the aquabike - raise the heart rate and are t very interesting to boost weight loss. Activities split like Hit are also recommended “, underlines the expert.

How to lose belly fat at 40?

If we hold the keys to refining the whole of our silhouette in the middle of life, it is more complicated to target a specific area of ​​the body such as the belly thanks to food. Some food supplements may however favor the loss of this zone, in particular ' chrome which helps regulate blood sugar “ notes the dietitian.

thanks to Raphael Gruman , dietitian-nutritionistSource journaldesfemmes.fr