Lola Dewaere (Astrid and Raphaëlle) mom one day? His cash answer!

This Friday, September 9, viewers find Lola Dewaere in the sequel to season 3 of the series 'Astrid and Raphaëlle' on France 2. The opportunity to discover a little more about the private life of the actress, daughter of the deceased Patrick Dewaere.

  Lola Dewaere (Astrid and Raphaëlle) mom one day? His cash answer!

At 42, Lola Dewaere, star of the popular series Astrid and Raphaelle , will she ever have a child? The actress, in a relationship for a few years, says it bluntly: she does not feel the desire to become a mother. Very frank, the daughter of the legendary actor Patrick Dewaere (died in 1982) had the opportunity to speak on the subject.

A kid ? Very little for her!

Asked by Tele-Leisure , in July 2022, Lola Dewaere gave her strong opinion on motherhood: ' It's a question of courage. I find it extremely brave to be a parent. For me, it's the best job in the world, but also the hardest. I get along very well with children, but having one every day, all my own and with all the responsibilities that come with it, terrifies me. 'This has the merit of being clear and frank. The anxiety at the idea of ​​having to take care of a child can be understood, but the actress could reassure herself by telling herself that she would not be alone in this adventure. Indeed, to date, she still shares her life with her companion, the actor Pierre-Edouard Bellanca.

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Despite everything, Lola Dewaere - alias Commander Raphaëlle Coste in Astrid and Raphaëlle - definitely doesn't seem comfortable with motherhood and it's her strictest right. ' With all that I've been through [the death of his father, the drug problems of his mother Élisabeth Malvina Chalier, editor's note], I feel uncomfortable on that ground. I would be too afraid of not being a good mother. I'm an actress, so I can be damn selfish, I don't want to put a kid through that “, she also said in the pages of the magazine Here is in 2021.

Lola Dewaere, whom the general public was also able to see a few months ago at the cinema in the comedy Damn 2!,p therefore refers to devoting his time and energy to his career. 'I think I'm an actress by instinct and I like to propose and improvise. We often do that with Sara Mortensen in Astrid and Raphaelle . We're both so on the same wavelength that it works every time. It is sure that she carries the series with this role of autistic which is a total composition but we never eat between us. She also has the habit of saying that 'without Raphaëlle, Astrid does not exist and vice versa'', she told the Echos .