Lola Dewaere (Astrid and Raphaëlle) as a couple: who is her companion, also in show business?

The actress of the series 'Astrid and Raphaëlle', Lola Dewaere has been in a relationship for a few years with a French comedian. A private life on which the actress spreads out little. Find out, however, with whom the daughter of Patrick Dewaere shares his life.

  Lola Dewaere (Astrid and Raphaëlle) as a couple: who is her companion, also in show business?

The actress Lola Dewaere is back on your screens since September 9, 2022 for season 3 of the flagship series, Astrid and Raphaelle on France 2; the broadcast continues this Friday, September 16 from 9:10 p.m. At 42, the daughter of the late Patrick Dewaere is married for a few years , but who is the mysterious man who shares her life? The actress shares rare details about her lover on Instagram and has already had the opportunity a few times in an interview to confide in her relationship.

Who is Lola Dewaere's boyfriend?

Lola Dewaere has been in a relationship for a few years with Pierre-Edouard Bellanca. On his Instagram account, the man defines himself as ' actor, voiceover, author, columnist, simultaneous translator, singer ' . Trained at Cours Florent, the stage actor is one of the founding members of the theater troupe La compagnie des Aléas. He is also a simultaneous translator and interpreter at Oui FM and freelance since 2009. The actor has a duo Youtube channel, called Arno & Piwi, but no video has been posted since October 2021.

What do we know about the discreet private life of Lola Dewaere?

The actress announced her relationship to her fans through an Instagram post in March 2021, a photo with her companion, mysterious with his dark glasses, with the caption: 'V here we spread out my love '. A simple reason pushed her to reveal her couple. ' I find him attractive, I just wanted to share my happiness. And I did it with humour', she confides to our colleagues at Tele-Leisure in 2021. In an interview with Here is , Lola Dewaere also said that she wanted ' hurler 'the love she has for him and show it to the world' without any shame “. The lovebirds seem to have been together for a few years, the actress has appeared in photos on Pierre-Édouard Bellanca's Instagram account since November 2020.

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Lola Dewaere ready to get pregnant? She responds honestly!

The couple has also taken a step forward, Lola and her darling have settled down. The actress announced it immediately on her Instagram account on December 22, 2021 with a photo. Lola Dewaere, the ring finger, wrote in caption ' Just Pacsed! The party.....when everything will be better! '. In addition, the duo shares everything in life and even the screen: Pierre-Édouard Bellanca made his debut on television alongside his sweetheart, they gave the replica in the series Astrid and Raphaelle . The actress is the first fan of her companion, she tells Tele-Leisure : 'He blew everyone away. I am not blinded by love. But he is very good. He is a theater actor. I wanted the production to see it . They had a crush. It was great, and I was super proud.'

A beautiful story that could go further, with a baby for example? Lola Dewaere is not attracted by motherhood and does not hide it, quite the contrary. Getting pregnant, very little for her. ' With everything I've been through [his father's death, his mother's drug problems Élisabeth Malvina Chalier, ndlr], I feel uncomfortable on that ground. I would be too afraid of not being a good mother. I'm an actress, so I can be damn selfish, I don't want to put a kid through that ', she said to Here is in 2021.