Loana furious but ready to try again? Her 'messed up hair' by Incredible Transformations

Loana is still marked by her passage in Incroyables Transformations. The starlet saw her 'hair messed up' by the experience and still hasn't digested it...

  Loana furious but ready to try again'expérience ? Ses "cheveux bousillés" par Incroyables Transformations

Fight will never forget his time in Incredible Transformations , nor the scissor cut of the famous hairdresser Nicolas Waldorf. The 45-year-old starlet, who was on the M6 ​​show to get a makeover, hoped to find ' the War of the Loft Story '...but became disillusioned when she found out her haircut was a brown bob!' I cried about it in the toilets, and afterwards, all night. How can we to find the Loana of the Loft whereas one made me a square cut while being brown? “, she exclaimed, full of disappointment.

Loana: her hair 'messed up' by Incroyables Transformations

Almost a year later, the pill has still not been swallowed. This October 31, Loana confided in this experience with Jordan De Luxe. ' Under the buttocks, I had them “, she regretted. 'As I weighed 145 kg and I may not see myself as I am, I had asked them to change me, so that I would be less glamorous, because I may have a bit of a bimbo look. For the outfit, they put me in a cream suit, it looked like Casper. (...) And I said that they don't touch my hair and I find it there ', I explained the starlette.

The winner of Loft Story 1 ensures that since this makeover, her hair is totally damaged. ' Because to redecolor them from their brown, I had to three discolorations to become blonde again . It messed up my hair. It sticks in my head “, she lamented in front of a surprised Jordan De Luxe.

Loana is afraid of 'ending up like Mylène Farmer'

Today, would Jean-Edouard's ex be ready to give the program a chance and get a makeover again under the hand of the experts? ' Are you kidding or what? Not even in a dream, even if I'm paid. I'm afraid of find myself like Mylène Farmer with red tips “, she let go.

Despite everything, Loana is not particularly angry with Nicolas Waldorf , who hasn't been there at every stage of his transformation. After lightly cutting her hair, the make-up artist did ' haven't been there at all.' 'He wasn't the one who took care of my coloring. What's the point of me going to see someone who just takes a pair of scissors and leaves “, she explained.

Just after the transformation, Loana confided in this experience to Here is . ' My mother told me I was 15 years old and 15 kg heavier. Even she didn't recognize me' , she explained. And to add: It was my worst nightmare. This is the worst TV I've done! They screwed up everything from start to finish, styling, hair and makeup. Nothing was right! '.