Loana escaped amputation: she breaks the silence and shows a mind-blowing VIDEO

Loana narrowly escaped amputation. Supported at the hospital, Loana gave news of her health and showed an impressive video...

  Loana escaped the'amputation : elle brise le silence et montre une VIDEO hallucinante

New scare for fans of Fight . the former star of the small screen confirmed to have been admitted in emergency to a hospital in his region on December 10. A few days earlier, it was the blogger Aqababe who revealed this information without the main interested party confirming it. This December 20, the winner of Loft Story broke the silence and gave her news. A ring had been stuck on her finger for three weeks without her being able to remove it. On Instagram, Loana showed a video of his (very) swollen finger and the ring that got stuck, just before his operation . Then she posted a snapshot of her hand bandaged after surgery . ' This is the state of my hand, I was very scared “, she said.

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Loana almost lost a finger, 'limited necrosis': amputation narrowly avoided

It is via Aqababe's Instagram stories that fans of the winner of the very first season of the cult show Loft Story on M6 heard the news on December 12. In a post on a black background, the blogger had indeed indicated that Loana had been transferred to hospital due to a ring stuck on her finger for more than three weeks . 'Exclusive! Loana was hospitalized last night at the Saint-Jean clinic in Cagnes-sur-Mer (in the Alpes-Maritimes, editor's note) because she had a ring stuck on her finger for three weeks' , he began. Before adding: 'She couldn't get it off and his finger was borderline necrotic ! Since her treatment at the clinic, the doctors have all taken very good care of her in order to save her finger.' .

Info or intox ? Loana has not yet commented on this news

The year 2022 will have been a very dark year for the forties. The former model has indeed had to face serious financial problems - she even confided in several interviews that her money is regularly given to her. 'soufflé' -, and mental health.

She had not hesitated to speak about it on the set of TPMP few months ago. Loana then confided to Cyril Hanouna and its columnists being mentally unstable, and having to take a daily treatment in an attempt to stabilize his many anxieties and crises. So let's hope that this supposed new hospital stay doesn't make the situation too much worse.

Loana: update on her mental health

The star, qui a de gros money problems and would be on the verge of becoming homeless, recently revealed the health concerns she suffers from in the Morning without filter . ' I am bipolar schizophrenic tendency. I realize now, it's very helpful, so actually I'm actually sick and I'm considered disabled. And since I'm going to have these four hundred euros because I'm disabled, I can no longer have a fixed job. “, she confided, referring to financial assistance in the face of her problems.