Little house on the prairie: one of the cast dies at 62...

Sad news for all fans of the cult series 'Little House on the Prairie': one of the actors has died. His death was reported by several American media. We know him for having played Danny Peters on the screen. Do you remember him ?

  Little House on the Prairie: Death of the'un des acteurs à 62 ans...

The sad news was reported by Variety and the Hollywood Reporter . When he was only 62 years old, Lance Kerwin is dead on Tuesday, January 24, 2023. He was a well-known figure on the small screen, especially thanks to his role in a cult series of the 70s and 80s.

Little House on the Prairie: Death of Lance Kerwin

The late comedian's daughter confirmed the news on her Facebook account: “I am very sorry for those whom we were unable to contact personally to inform them, but Lance Kerwin passed away yesterday morning. We appreciate all kind words , memories and prayers that were shared. Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing more information about afterlife ceremonies. He loved every one of you.' However, the cause of his death is still not officially known. 'It was a smart guy and he had been through a lot in his life. He was a good guy.' commented John Boitano (Iconic Management), who worked with the actor, in a press release.

Lance Kerwin: Role in Little House on the Prairie, Career and Surprising Retraining

Lance Kerwin was born in 1960 in California and began his acting career in the 1970s. His notoriety was built thanks to his role as Danny Peters in the television series The Little House On The Prairie . A child star who then rubbed shoulders in the popular show, broadcast in France on TF1, Michael Landon or Melissa Gilbert. The series was a great success and lasted no less than nine seasons, from 1974 to 1983. In 1976, the actor, still very young, was chosen to play the young version of the character of Michael Landon in the television movie The Loneliest Runner .

In his momentum, Lance Kerwin then continued his career in Hollywood and starred in other series and films like James at 15 , It is this role that propelled his career. It is also found in Generation or The Monster Squad . In 1990, the actor decided to take a break from his career to focus on his personal life but also for his religious faith . In 1995, he played in the film Outbreak alongside Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman. After this role he then became a pastor in California and Hawaii . 27 years later, in 2022, he returns to our screens in the independent film The Wind & the Reckoning by David L. Cunningham with Henry Ian Cusick. This will therefore be the last film project in which he will have participated.