'Liquid Toast' aka Drinkable Cheese Bread: Amazing or Sickening?

By combining bread liqueur and Roquefort liqueur, the Alsatian distillery Massenez invented the first liquid toast. We do not recommend it for breakfast.

  The"tartine liquide" aka le pain-fromage à boire : étonnant ou écœurant ?

Would you like a little toast, no, not very hungry? Never mind, you can now drink it (yes, yes, you read that right). There Alsatian distillery Massenez, with recognized know-how for more than 150 years, has decided to decline two icons of our French culinary heritage in liqueur: the baguette and roquefort . These two liqueurs which, once combined in the glass, form a real 'liquid toast'. A high rank toast therefore, which was presented to a number of star chefs on March 5 at a dinner given by the Massenez distillery. A meaningful event on the eve of the Star Ceremony Michelin in Strasbourg .

How did this idea for liquid toast come about?

Bernard Baud, the president of the distillery, had this crazy idea during a trip to Australia while tasting a cocktail Pizza Martini . The idea of ​​applying this concept to our baguette, listed as intangible heritage of the Unesco last November, then germinated in his mind. This results in a bread liquor ' with a surprising and familiar taste, that of a fresh baguette with the softness of an airy crumb and the warm personality of a crispy crust “, he describes. Then, the liqueur roquefort is created, the latter was born from an encounter with the famous Maison Lorho , Master cheese makers . The association of the two liqueurs imposed itself as an evidence, and, as on a real toast , Bernard Baud recommends respecting proportions :' If we want to have fun, we take the bread liqueur, 2/3 and 1/3 of Roquefort liqueur, we mix and we end up with a kind of liquid toast “, he advises.

Liquors that are already winning over chefs

Barely launched on the market, these liqueurs are already dubbed by many renowned chefs. The two-star chef Patrick Henriroux who officiates at the restaurant La Pyramide, in Isère, incorporates Roquefort liqueur in a gel to accompany his Solaize leek mille-feuille. On the pastry side, the executive pastry chef of the hotel Plaza Athenée Angelo Musa already offers two desserts around Roquefort. For the curious who would like to experience this 'liquid toast' (in moderation), go to the wine merchants !

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.Source journaldesfemmes.fr