Lip blushing, semi-permanent makeup for perfect lips

After eyebrow microblading, it's the turn of lip blushing to become trendy. This semi-permanent makeup procedure will give you beautiful lips, without going through surgery. Technique, pain, price, contraindications: we tell you everything about lip blushing.

  Lip blushing, semi-permanent makeup for perfect lips

Formerly called Candy lip, lip blushing is a technique of semi-permanent makeup which allows to correct and sublimate the lips. Very trendy on Tik Tok, it is about to conquer all the beautystas.

Lip blushing, what is it?

Lip blushing will give the illusion of permanently made-up lips thanks to the implantation of colored pigments using a nano-needle. This personalized technique allows you to color the mouth, adjust an asymmetry, correct the contour of the lips, redraw the Cupid's bow or even erase labial wrinkles. Unlike dermopigmentation which is implanted deep in the dermis, lip blushing is achieved through micro-pigmentation which stops at the epidermis, the superficial layer of the skin. The advantages: a made natural, less pain and an ephemeral result.

What does the technique consist of?

Lip blushing must be carried out in an institute, by a beauty professional trained in the use of a dermograph (needle machine). The appointment begins with a personalization of the procedure: with the advice of the expert, you will choose the color you want and the shape that best suits your face and your needs.

The session, which lasts two hours, begins with a 'lip mapping ': the expert will draw the desired line with a make-up pencil in order to visualize the final result. The practitioner will then take colored pigments which she will prick into the skin using the needle. Count two sessions for obtain a perfect result and flawless finishes After the lip blushing, it is recommended to do not expose yourself to the sun for two weeks. Alcohol and tobacco are also to be avoided because they thin the blood, slowing healing.

Does it hurt ?

Like all semi-permanent makeup procedures, lip blushing is not painless , but still quite bearable. You will especially feel tingling during and after the session. To avoid pain, it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream beforehand, ask your doctor. Redness, itching and feelings of discomfort may appear after lip blushing. It is therefore advisable to apply petroleum jelly to the lips during the days following the session.

How long does it last and what is the price?

After a lip blushing, allow three weeks to discover the final result because the pigments will naturally fade and lighten before stabilizing. lip blushing lasts between 1 and 2 years depending on the color applied and your skin tone. To maintain a perfect lip blushing, an annual session will be necessary to adjust the pigmentation. As for the price, it varies according to the institutes. Count between 200 and 500 euros the lip blushing session.

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What dangers?

There are no known dangers of lip blushing, only contraindications. Thus, this technique is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as people prone to herpes. It is for this reason that it is recommended to take a treatment before the session if you are sensitive to cold sores. Finally, lip blushing is also not recommended if you are taking anticoagulant medication which will slow down proper healing.