Linseeds with lifting power

For more than twenty-five years, Lancôme has been developing, particularly through its Rénergie range, unique know-how in anti-aging products combining high performance and sensoriality. With its Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra cream, the brand offers a new generation anti-aging cream.

  Linseeds with lifting power

Care Renergy Multi-Lift Ultra, latest creams anti-aging Lancôme, contains pro-lifting flax seeds exclusively grown in France. This new star ingredient, extracted using an innovative biotechnological process, makes it possible to fix fibroblasts, support cells present in connective tissue.

These dermal cells are responsible for the synthesis of collagen which ensures the firmness and suppleness of the skin. To function properly, they must be firmly attached to their surrounding matrix and perfectly taut. But with age, their shape tends to become rounder, thus reducing the synthesis of collagen, so that the skin becomes slack and wrinkles begin to appear.

Fight the visible signs of aging

Another interest of fibroblasts : they play a decisive role in the regulation of skin pigmentation. If the quality of the dermis decreases, the activity of the melanocytes is disturbed and the phenomena of hyperpigmentation are triggered. The fibroblast is therefore an essential element in combating the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of tissue firmness and uneven skin tone.

By promoting its fixation, them linseed allow rapid firming of the skin , act on wrinkles in a targeted way and help to obtain a better uniformity of the complexion, which is more radiant thanks to the reduction in the production of melanin.

This multi-action cream with an innovative texture provides an immediate feeling of well-being, leaving the skin feeling lifted and full of energy! This treatment is ideal for active women who are looking for a cream that accompanies them in their hectic lives, an ally for firm, smooth skin and an even complexion.

And for those who also want sun protection combined with visible results on pigment spots, Lancome launches this year the cream Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra with a 20 SFP.

And who better to represent these two treatments than the radiant Chiara Ferragni? This international entrepreneur challenges as much by her incomparable taste in fashion as by her beauty. Because she embodies the image of the modern woman, active on all fronts and nevertheless eager to take care of herself, she has become the face of Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra from Lancome.