Line Renaud lonely since the death of Loulou Gasté: Dany Boon's mother, an attentive ear!

While Dany Boon and Line Renaud are reunited on the big screen again in the film 'Une Belle Course' (in cinemas on September 21), the actress confided in the relationship that binds her to the actor, but also to his mother.

  Line Renaud lonely since the death of Loulou Gasté: Dany Boon's mother, an attentive ear!

At 94, Line Renaud never ceases to move French cinema. With her crystalline laugh and her big clear eyes, the eternal young woman returns to the big screen in a film by Christian Carion, A Beautiful Race . She finds there her longtime friend, the actor and director Dany Boon , for a moving feature film. The opportunity for the bubbly nonagenarian to tell the relationship she has with the actor's mother, to whom she seems very close.

Line Renaud and Dany Boon, she became friends with her mother!

Guest of Léa Salamé on France Inter , September 15, 2022, Line Renaud responded bluntly to the journalist's personal questions. At the question ' You say, 'Dany Boon, he's my son'. His mother lends it to you, right?' The actress says: With his mother [Danièle Hamidou-Ducatel, editor's note] , we talk to each other almost every day. I ask for news of Dany, she has none. I yell at him. I say to Dany: 'Give news to your mother'. His mother does the same thing: 'Have you heard from Line? Telephone to Line!' “Amused, Léa Salamé also asks Dany Boon about the friendship of the two women. Visibly delighted by this tender complicity between his mother and his favorite actress, the actor does not hide his enthusiasm: ' It's wonderful, I love it! '

Line Renaud amazed by Dany's mother, who has become a confidante

United by their common roots in the North of France, Line Renaud and Danièle Hamidou-Ducatel are very close friends today. 'His mother is a phenomenon!' , still having fun the former leader of the magazine. Line Renaud has kept her feet on the ground and a real simplicity despite the longevity in the profession and the successes. If she has dozens of friends in show business, she is also close to anonymous. Dany Boon did not fail to relate the simplicity of his comrade, thus remembering his first film, The House of happiness , where he offers a role to Line Renaud. ' The great Line Renaud comes on my set and I'm very impressed. It's my first film, I'm terribly nervous. She arrives, she was more nervous than me! '

Line Renaud, lonely since the death of her husband Loulou Gasté

Born in 1928, Line Renaud has lived a thousand lives, punctuated by great moments of joy, but also of sadness. In 1995, she said goodbye to the love of her life, Loulou Gasté (whom she had married in 1950), as she told Darius Rochebin, in an interview on LCI exhumed on Twitter this summer, and dating from 2021. The star, who is currently fighting for euthanasia, confides his last moments at his bedside: ' I knew what Loulou was waiting for, he was waiting for something, but not La Cabane au Canada, not the known things, the beautiful songs that have been between us. He liked me to sing on the breath and so I lay down next to him and in the hollow of his ear, I sang a little bit of Un Amour d'Été, a little bit of Le Soir. I don't know why, all of a sudden, thirty years since I had sung Le Soir (...) He was beating time with his finger! “A moving snapshot of their lifelong bond.