Lidl steam cleaner: Silvercrest broom back next week!

Whether it's the Vileda or Silvercrest brand, steam cleaners are always popular at Lidl. The Silvercrest steam mop is back in store soon and at a low price. And there may not be something for everyone!

  Lidl steam cleaner: Silvercrest broom back next week!

Home equipment is one of the strengths of Lidl brands, which regularly offer household appliances that combine quality and low prices. among the darlings for cleaning, the steam mop figures prominently and is always eagerly awaited at Lidl. After the Vileda brand steam cleaner, it is the Silver crest model which is once again back in store!

The Silvercrest steam mop and steam cleaner

Very handy for House cleaning , the steam mop transform into steam cleaner in the blink of an eye thanks to a removable part which then becomes portable. Its 350 ml tank allows a cleaning of about 11 minutes with the possibility of adjusting the intensity level of the steam continuously. The device takes up little space thanks to a folding handle and can easily be moved thanks to a 6 meter power cable. It is sold with many accessories to meet all cleaning needs.

Le balai vapeur Vileda for sale chez Lidl

The leading brand in floor cleaning regularly returns to Lidl with a very attractive product! The recently available steam cleaner was a real ally for home maintenance in eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria without using detergent . With a rapid heating, this broom model is ready in 15 seconds and adapts to all types of soil . Its power cable of about 6 meters allows good mobility while its tank of about 400 ml ensures the cleaning of a good surface (up to 100 m two ). It was sold with 2 microfiber covers as well as an accessory for carpet . You could also purchase additional micro fiber covers.


What is the price of the steam cleaner sold at Lidl?

The Silvercrest steam cleaner steam mop is sold at Lidl at the price of 34.99 euros instead of 44.99 euros . The device is guaranteed for 3 years. The Vileda steam cleaner sold at Lidl during the last arrival displayed a price of 59.99 euros , a very small price for a device of this type! On Amazon, for example, this device is sold at a price of 90 euros, a great saving. Note that the device is guaranteed for 2 years. Other steam cleaner models are regularly sold at Lidl, such as the Vileda XXL steam cleaner previously at a price of 69.99 euros.

When will the Lidl steam cleaner go on sale?

The Silvercrest steam mop is back on sale on Monday, October 3, 2022 . Be aware that stores usually only receive a few pieces and they go very quickly! It is therefore better to go quickly to Lidl to hope to obtain your steam cleaner at a low price.

If you miss the opportunity, other arrivals regularly appear in the catalogs. the Lidl steam mop was for example available last September. A little patience then!