Lidl: A 16-year-old died after drinking alcohol... his mother attacks the sign!

A mother attacks the Lidl supermarket, which sold alcohol to her minor son accompanied by a friend. The latter had a scooter accident and one of the youngsters, Kilian, died following this collision.

 Lidl: 16-year-old died after drinking alcohol'alcool... sa mère attaque l'enseigne !

According to our colleagues from RTL, Kilian and his comrade, aged 16, bought two bottles of vodka in a Lidl supermarket. They drink the booze and they have a fatal accident for one of the young boys. The scooters of the two friends collide. Kilian is deviated from his trajectory. He crashes into a lamppost at high speed and dies on the spot.

The teenager responsible for the death of his friend is prosecuted for manslaughter . In the show C to you , of Thursday, October 13, journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi says that Kilian's mother considers that her son's friend does not bear full responsibility for the tragedy. She files a complaint against the store for illicit sale of alcohol to a minor.

The mother explains why she filed a complaint against Lidl

' I am filing a complaint because someone gave or sold alcohol to my son when it is prohibited. An adult who finds himself with a minor who asks him for alcohol, even more when he sees that they are transported on a scooter, it's no! Me, I was a cashier and I always asked even when I had a doubt, sometimes even, to people in their thirties. There, that was not the case. 'says the mother, Coralie Larroquet in the show C to you . She explains to RTL's microphone why parents cannot watch a 16-year-old kid at all times. ' Young people want to party. We, as parents, have to regulate that, but there are laws that are made to protect them outside the home. Our kids weren't protected .'

What does justice answer?

After the mother's complaint, the Bayonne prosecutor has decided to prosecute the store . This is a first in France. The Lidl store, requested by journalists, did not wish to respond or comment for the moment. A psychiatrist specializing in addictology and president of the French Federation of Addictology, Amine Benyamina, interviewed for the France 5 program, welcomed the court decision. “It is a big signal, a very strong signal that is sent to its major distributors who have not integrated the need to check. They have a responsibility vis-à-vis the health of young people. “It is still too easy, according to him, for minors to have access to alcohol. The hearing will be held at the Bayonne Criminal Court on November 3. It is certain that we will still be talking about this case very soon.