Letter to Santa Claus: address, template, online

To your gift lists! It's time to write the famous letter to Santa Claus, because his secretariat will soon open. Where should you send your mail to him - paper or email - and how should you send him your wishes? Here's how to craft this all-important missive!

  Letter to Santa Claus: address, template, online

The secretariat of Santa Claus will open on November 15 ! The children have about two weeks ahead of them to draft their letter to Santa Claus, and polish their list of gifts. Like every year, the Post Office and its elves will receive the famous missives... but you still need to have the address where to write to him and post this precious mail... Here are the contact details of Santa Claus, who despite his great age , is up to date to communicate in any way with children! Santa Claus will not fail to answer each of the letters without exception, by sending in turn a little game or coloring. So don't forget to also write the name and address of the little recipient!

Where to send your letter to Santa Claus?

La Poste opens, as every year in mid-November, its Santa's office, located in Libourne, Gironde. To write to him, nothing could be simpler. Just clearly stipulate on the envelope ' Santa Claus ' for the recipient. And even if no address is specified, the reindeer will still send him the letter. The most imaginative can add 'Rue des Nuages', 'Pôle Nord', 'Route des Rennes' Or just ' Father Christmas, 33500 Libourne, France '. Here are the different addresses of Santa Claus:

  • Mr Santa Claus: Workshop of December 25th , 250 Cloud Ave. 1000 North Pole
  • Small Santa : 1 starry sky street. North Pole
  • Santa Claus : Reindeer Avenue, Lapland
  • Santa Claus : 33500 Libourne, France.

Should you put a stamp on your letter to Santa Claus?

Also good to know: shipping is free! So you can make a fir drawing instead of the stamp for example. On the other hand, do not forget to clearly mention the name, surname and address of the child on the back of the envelope and on the letter to hope for a response.

Letters, drawings, postcards... How to write to him?

In what form to write to Santa Claus? Let your child express his wishes for this year, list all the gifts he would dream of receiving, help him write down all his love and gratitude for him, and also wish him a Merry Christmas and all his reindeer and elves. And why not encourage him to make a nice drawing or coloring with the effigy of Santa Claus with a message full of love on the back? Santa Claus will be delighted to discover the work done by a child, just for him. You will also find on letterheads, to be printed on the site hugolescargot.com .

Sample letters to Santa Claus: what to write to him?

Sample letter to Santa Claus - text 1

'Little Santa, My name is [first name] and I've been very good this year. Maybe not every day, but most of the time. You can ask Mom and Dad if you want to check. I think that you know why I'm writing you a letter. It's to tell you the gifts I would like. I cut out the gifts I really wanted from the catalogs and pasted them in my letter. Thank you in advance and See you soon Santa Claus'

Sample letter to Santa Claus - text 2

'Mister Father Christmas, Dad and Mum told me that as I had been good I could write to you to ask you for the gifts that would make me happy for Christmas. I would like them toys I've seen in catalogs and not just books (even though Mom and Dad prefer me to read). Thank you in advance Father Christmas and if I can't have everything it doesn't matter. Good luck with your tour and kisses to your reindeer.'

Sample letter to Santa Claus - text 3

Hello Father Christmas, I am [first name] and I am [age]. I thought about you a lot this year, and like that if I was going to do something stupid I would stop immediately in order to deserve beautiful Christmas presents . Even Mom and Dad were amazed (but still very happy). Here is my list of gifts for Christmas. Good luck distributing everyone. I kiss you and I hope to see you in the sky.

Sample letter to Santa Claus - text 4

My dear Santa Claus, I am writing this letter to tell you what I would like to receive for Christmas… I have been very good with Mom and Dad, I promise! I hope you can reply to my letter. I thank you very much for what you do for all the children in the world and send you lots of big kisses.

Template letter to Santa Claus - text 5

Dear Father Christmas, Dad and Mum told me to give the list of presents that I would like to have at the foot of the Christmas tree. You know, I didn't do a lot of stupid things, I did well in school and I didn't get too many bad grades. I know you can't bring all the presents so I've put stars next to the ones I'd really like. Happy Holidays to you, your reindeer and your elves!

Letters to Santa Claus to print: our models

What phone number can you reach Santa Claus at? On video?

How do I write an email to Santa Claus?

With time, Santa Claus has thus adapted to new means of communication. From now on, the little Geeks can send him an email or a card that turns into a cartoon , instead of the traditional letter, by connecting to pere-noel.laposte.fr , then clicking on the ' Write me'. All they have to do is color Santa Claus, take a picture of him via the appli Blink Book then to see it come to life. While waiting for New Year's Eve, children will also be able to discover many activities, workshops, games and cartoons , a digital Advent calendar or a countdown of sleeps before Christmas, to keep them waiting until the gifts arrive.

Mailo Junior

Mailo Junior also offers to write to Santa Claus, by logging in with his account or by creating one on perenoel.mailo.com . All children will receive a personalized response, thanks to the complicity of the parents. They can also send him a drawing which will be highlighted on the site.

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