Letizia of Spain Turns 50: Does the Queen Get a Salary?

  Letizia d'Espagne a 50 ans : la reine touche-t-elle un salaire ? Queen consort, mother and ex-journalist, Letizia of Spain has several strings to her bow. But does she get paid for her duties as a member of the royal family? Find out whether or not the queen, who turns 50 this September 15, 2022, is receiving a salary!

Letizia of Spain turns 50 on September 15, 2022. The former journalist has been married to King Felipe VI since 2004, who at the time was only Prince of Asturias; this is her second marriage after being married from 1998 to 1999 to Alonso Guerrero. Thus, after the coronation of her husband in 2014 following the abdication of King Juan Carlos I, she granted the title of queen consort of the country . But how does the mother of Princesses Leonor and Sofia of Spain manage to support her daily lifestyle? Does she get paid for her royal duties? We take stock of the finances of Letizia Ortiz and the Spanish royal family.

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Does Letizia from Spain receive a salary?

Like all working members of the Spanish Royal Family, the queen consort receives a salary, an endowment for his service in the Royal House. This official remuneration for the royal spouses in Spain has only existed since 2014, before they only benefited from 'compensation costs' the amount of which is unknown. This is used to cover several types of expenses, both personal and official. In 2021, Letizia from Spain collected 139,610 euros gross , which amounts to around €12,000 monthly salary . A smaller sum compared to the remuneration of her husband, King Felipe VI, who received €253,850 gross. But his endowment is still higher than that of his mother-in-law, the ex-Queen Sofia who was paid € 114,240 gross the same year.

In addition to her personal salary, the former journalist and the rest of the family benefit from a budget allocated to the Royal House which is used for the operation of the institution and it amounts to 8.4 million euros . Most of this income is used to pay staff. In 2021, it also allowed the purchase of computer equipment, for example.

The fortune du roi Philip VI

In the interest of transparency after his father's financial scandals, King Felipe VI revealed the total amount of his personal fortune on April 25. His assets amount to €2,573,392 only in money placed in accounts and in jewelry and works of art. The sovereign does not own any real estate. His fortune comes from state endowments for his service in the Royal House. During his 25 years in office, first as Prince of Asturias and then as King of Spain, Felipe VI earned more than 4.2 million euros gross . Moreover, royalty is not exempt from tax as well. each member of the royal family is taxable like any other Spanish citizen.

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