Les Enfoirés: Who is this popular singer who refuses to join the troupe?

Recognized singer of the French scene, Gérard Lenorman explained to the Belgian media 'Télépro' the reason why he is not part of the Enfoirés troupe, which gives a series of concerts each year in favor of the Restos du Coeur.

  Les Enfoirés: Who is this popular singer who refuses to join the troupe?

In 1985, Coluche created the bastards . The artists come together to sing for the benefit of the association of Restos du Coeur , which aims to help the most deprived people, in particular through food aid, employment and housing. On stage, the biggest stars followed one another, including Jean-Jacques Goldman , Patrick Bruel, Zazie, Patrick Fiori, Liane Foly or even Lorie. Famous names from the 80s, 90s and 2000s... but some are missing.

Among the famous absentees, Gérard Lenorman. The interpreter of The Ballad of happy People and If I were president , two hits released in 1975 and 1980 respectively, always refused to join the famous troupe . In an interview with Telepro Friday, November 4, 2022, he commented - in a strange way - on the reasons for his absence . 'Yes, I did something with Les Enfoirés' , he remembered.

But he never joined the troupe, to the point of becoming a regular on the show.... 'Why ?' , asks the journalist of Telepro , David Barbet. ' Why not !' , simply retorts the artist, not really talkative on the subject. ' Maybe a question of generation too? I turned 23! (...) For me, I I don't really have an age. I feel like people never talk about my age, I'm quite a clown too. I like to joke, I don't take myself more seriously than that.' he adds. The singer then revealed that he received an offer for a singing show in Belgium - which he turned down - without revealing the name of the programme.

Gérard Lenorman confides in his age

Evoking his career started in the 70s, Gérard Lenorman, 77 years old, assured not to regret anything. ' I'm lucky to have a long career, I'm often criticized for not doing all my successful titles, did he declare. We know the songs that people are waiting for, but I also like to put some lesser-known songs.'

In the same interview, Gérard Lenorman said he never thought about quitting. 'Non !, he assured. I think I will know when to do it. But I'm in good shape, I still have faith and I only sing if I have faith. I don't know when faith will fail me, but when it does, it will happen.' And to qualify: 'I work a lot, but these times have been a bit disturbing for everyone. (...) We worry and we try to have fun from time to time, singing a little song and trying to clear the mood.' No, Gérard Lenorman has not said his last word!

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