Leila Bekhti, 39, here is the simple trick we envy her to keep a healthy glow

Leïla Bekhti has found the best way to display a fresh complexion and it's about sleeping. We copy his simple trick.

 Leila Bekhti, 39, here is the'astuce toute simple qu'on lui envie pour garder bonne mine

Starring in the movie I will always see your faces , hilarious in Season 3 of LOL: Who laughs, comes out! with an already cult sequence… Despite an ultra-heavy schedule, Leïla Bekhti is one of those stars who always look their best. We love her matte skin that shines in all circumstances. Her secret to a glowing complexion is simple and very accessible: the sleep !

The importance of sleep for Leïla Bekhti

Leïla Bekhti makes it a point of honor to sleep well. The 39-year-old actress confided in an interview with Le Journal des Femmes that her number one beauty secret is restful nights. ' My grandmother always advised me to sleep well to have beautiful skin , feel good and face life. She said : ' One day, if you have a little money, buy yourself a good bed. It's a good investment. ' She wasn't wrong. ' she explained in 2016. And good hours of sleep, Leïla Bekhti really needs it! Since then, the star has had a string of projects and has become a mother of three children.

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Leïla Bekhti, sports enthusiast

Tahar Rahim's wife completes her routine with physical activity, as she explained to Elle magazine: ' I started the sport for the preparation of a film. Since then, I can't do without it. I have a great coach, Danielle, who comes to my house four times a week. I build abs, I run, I do a lot of jump rope . I work on my breath. '. She sees this as a way to have more rigor and become aware of her body. A good night's sleep and sport, that's the definition of well-being according to Leïla Bekhti.

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