LED mask: what are the benefits for the face?

Could the LED mask be the new must-have for a sharp beauty routine? Driven by a new notoriety, this high-tech object invests our bathrooms. What are its benefits ? How does it work? We take stock with Olivier Courtin for myBlend.

  LED mask: what are the benefits for the face?

Kourtney Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, Renée Zellweger ou encore Chrissy Teigen do not hesitate to appear on social networks decked out in their luminous mask . Celebrities as make-up artists swear by it for prepare the skin before a red carpet and ensure a Hollywood glow. A trend that arouses curiosity for this accessory with multiple benefits . Based on light therapy , it is particularly prized for its anti-aging properties . Having become the ultimate object for fashionable girls, this futuristic-looking tool is now gaining ground. Decryption.

How does a light therapy mask work?

In the 2000s, studies carried out by NASA demonstrated the first effects of red LEDs on the epidermis. Now democratized and accessible to the general public, this technology which consists of sending low-energy waves and lights to naturally stimulate skin cells, is the prerogative of smooth and radiant skin. How ? It depends on the LED color used. ' Each color corresponds to a specific wavelength with greater or lesser penetration into the skin and benefits associated with this stimulation .' explains Dr. Olivier Courtin.

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Dark spots, blemishes, dilated pores, fine lines and wrinkles… There is a wavelength suited to each skin problem. (7 colors in total). If the yellow-orange color is soothing and accelerates healing, the green one treats the radiance of the complexion or blue helps fight acne , red LEDs remain the most popular for their efficiency anti-aging . ' Red light directly stimulates key youth cells and promotes skin regeneration.', reports the founder of myBlend.

produce collagen
Calm redness
Improve skin texture
Reduce pigment spots
Fight against acne
Promote skin elasticity
Heal the epidermis
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How to choose your LED mask?

If in the past, light therapy was a treatment reserved for specialized establishments, i There is now a wide selection of LED face masks available in stores to enjoy at home. Exit too elaborate routines, just r adjust your aesthetic device to adjust the treatment according to the needs of your skin and voila. ' The myBlend LED Mask used in our Spas by our experts is also available for sale on our myBlend website or in store ', specifies Olivier Courtin. But in the beauty department, we find many models from the most basic to the most elaborate . The choice will depend on your needs and budget. Depending on the number of lamps, the adjustment system, the weight of the device, whether there is integrated eye protection or not, the variety of colors… the price of an LED mask can vary from 50 to 1000 euros. If the cost may seem expensive, a single purchase is enough, unlike extended anti-aging routines.

The number of colors

The name of lamps
Exposure intensity
The size

What skin problems does the LED mask treat?

A real instant boost for the skin, the LED mask combines the benefits. ' We very quickly observe an improvement in the overall quality of the epidermis, particularly in terms of radiance, skin texture...' , assures Dr. Olivier Courtin. Flagship technology from myBlend, the LED mask is also a powerful anti-aging agent. ' Thanks to the combination of red light + pulsed infrared which act on the key cells of youth (fibroblasts and mitochondria), excellent results are obtained on cell regeneration and healing of the skin. .' , confides the expert who promises stunning results: ' The skin is visibly smoother, firmer, more supple... In short, a real youthful look! ', reports the myBlend founder. For her part, makeup artist Quinn Murphy, who prepared Kate Hudson's skin for the Met Gala 2021 with an LED mask, swears by this high-tech product: ' LED masks are the new essential to prepare the skin before a red carpet ', she confided to Harper's Bazaar, and to add that the skin of the actress was ' visibly smoother and healthier '. Of the Visible results from the first session and optimal results after three months of use .

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What are the dangers or contraindications?

LED mask therapy is UV-free cold light technology. Its use therefore does not cause burns. Non-invasive, light therapy is painless. ' There are no contraindications to LED technology. You can use it with peace of mind .', reassures Olivier Courtin.

Prepare your skin by carefully removing make-up
We protect our eyes
You activate your mask by choosing the program best suited to your skin type
We respect the exposure time indicated (10 to 25 minutes)
We end the session by applying our usual day cream

Between two sessions, the skin is left to rest for 2 to 7 days minimum

Thanks to Olivier Courtin for MyBlendSource journaldesfemmes.fr