Léa Salamé is 42 years old: Minister father, Couple, Son, Malaise, Worst interview...

Léa Salamé turns 42 on October 27! His minister father, the attacks of September 11, his friendship with Thomas Sotto, his relationship with Raphaël Glucksmann... Secrets of one of the most influential journalists of the PAF...

  Léa Salamé is 42 years old: Minister father, Couple, Son, Malaise, Worst interview...

Léa Salamé celebrates her 42nd birthday October 27! The journalist is now one of most influential women on French television . An atypical career path, a strong personality, a true professional conscience, a wide and rich culture... Léa Salamé knew how to find her place in the sometimes very closed world of audiovisual. But do you really know the journalist? His minister father, his September 11 injury, his friendship with Thomas Sotto, his relationship with Raphaël Glucksmann, his discomfort with Francois Hollande ... Secrets of Lea Salame .

The latest information on Léa Salamé

Léa Salamé is not her real name

Hala Salame , his real name, was born in Beirut, Lebanon , in 1979. She is the daughter of Ghassan Salamé, former Minister of Culture du Liban and former Special Advisor to the UN Secretary Coffee Annan , and Mary Boghossian, born into a family of Armenian jewelers. Already when she was young, the future journalist showed extraordinary strength of character. ' Already, as a child, she had the right to be at the table with the adults. She was inquisitive, imperious. She was looking for the debate. Léa has always had this talent to read in others as in an open book and therefore to ask the right questions. “, assured his little sister Louma, in SHE .

Léa Salamé: her arrival in France

Lea Salame leave lebanon with her family when she was only 5 years old. They settle in Paris to escape the civil war. At the age of 10, she is naturalized French. As brilliant as she is ambitious, the one who dreams of following in her father's footsteps is studying law at Pantheon-Assas University , then studied at Sciences Po Paris and to new york university During a year.

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Léa Salamé was injured in the September 11 attacks

During this year spent at New York , she is slightly injured on the day of the September 11 attacks . On the morning of the attack, she was suddenly awakened by a disturbing noise in her small apartment located a few streets from the World Trade Center. She descends to the bottom of the dwelling, and ' watch the tower burn down , without understanding “, she told Release . And to continue his story: ' And there, a huge dust tsunami fell on us. I ran north thinking we were being shot at. I saw birds falling: they were men, but I did not understand it '.

Léa Salamé, spotted by Jean-Pierre Elkabbach

This is Jean-Pierre Elkabbach who offered him his chance in journalism. After an internship for LCP , she is recruited. ' I have hired Léa Salamé at Public Senate after interviewing her at the request of her father. She was curious, hard-working and independent-minded. I was very strict with her so that she kept the right distance with herself, others and the event. “, he confided to SHE . She presents with him from 2004 the show Words of the world. The start of a prolific career in broadcast journalism...

Léa Salamé: discomfort with François Hollande

Léa Salamé has never had tongue in his pocket . In 2016, while interviewing Francois Hollande , then President of the Republic, for his broadcast Citizen Dialogues , the journalist discusses the issue of migrants. ' On migrants, with Mrs Merkel, we have an identical position “, declared the one who was at the time head of state, in front of a flabbergasted host. It's a joke? ' , dropped Léa Salamé, without make-up. ' I don't think this should be joked about. “, he replied. A tense exchange which reacted on the Web. Many Internet users had then criticized Léa Salamé for being a bit too dry in her interviews....

Léa Salamé, sacred lover

On the heart side, Léa Salamé is an incorrigible in love ... ' I don't know how to be alone . Since the age of 15, I have been in a relationship. Only long relationships . And at the same time I'm afraid of the couple, of mediocrity, of boredom. It paralyzes me “, she had assured in SHE , before falling under the spell of Raphaël Glucksmann in 2016, whom she had met a year earlier on the set of We are not in bed . Together they have a son, Gabriel , now 4 and a half years old.

In the pire interview

His worst interview memory? It is engraved in the memory of Léa Salamé. It's about his interview with Alain Juppe , in the middle of the LR primary election campaign, in 2016. ' I was alone, I was trying to tickle him and he didn't want to play the game. He didn't even calculate me (...) I took myself a huge moment of solitude (...) You can't imagine how I was icy . That moment when you're live and you miss live in front of millions of viewers. It does not work. You are no good. You are next. That's a huge failure “, she had told in the show Docs debates , on LCP .

Raphaël Glucksmann, 'upset' by Léa Salamé

In 2019, Raphael Glucksmann announced his candidacy for the European elections. Shortly after, Léa Salamé chose to withdraw temporarily of The Political Program of France 2 and the morning of France Inter in order to ' to avoid any suspicion of conflict of interest '. An initiative that particularly moves her companion, so much so that he proclaims his love for her on the show. C L'hebdo , he who is usually so discreet about his private life: ' It upsets me . (…) It's an incredible act of love, because he's someone who has always put his work above everything else in his life. And then, all of a sudden, she makes this gesture '.

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She is Thomas Sotto's 'sun'

Léa Salamé is particularly appreciated by her colleague on the show It's your turn to speak , Thomas Below . ' Léa, it is a generosity. It's curious to see how some people have an image of this girl that is not the right one. This girl is only doubt kindness, empathy (...) It's one of the sunshines of my life , I say it sincerely “, assured the journalist to Can't wait for Sunday .

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