Laury Thilleman becomes ambassador of this brand that we love a lot

The new face of Pandora? This is Laury Thilleman. The Miss France 2011 now embodies the collections of the jewelry label.

 Laury Thilleman becomes ambassador of this brand that the'on aime beaucoup

' The night before the shoot, I spent it bedridden, sick, I didn't sleep a wink ', recount Laury Thilleman , with a big smile. Rest assured, her first campaign for Pandora was no less successful. As usual, the Miss France 2011 is radiant in the shots of the photo shoot. This took place in studios in Saint-Denis and lasted a whole day. The result: a luminous model, dressed in a white shirt and light canvas jeans, absolute basics of the female wardrobe, enhanced by the jewelery of the Danish brand. ' What I prefer is to accumulate them around my neck or on my wrists. I even compose my outfits from those I want to wear “, confides Laury Thilleman.

Laury Thilleman is Pandora's new ambassador

Jewelry everywhere

Chosen by Pandora because she is a girl nex door as brilliant as it is popular, the breton journalist, presenter and entrepreneur has always had a special relationship with jewellery. ' When I was little, I was a real magpie, all that shone attracted me. Jewels reflect a lot of emotions, happy, serious moments, travels... They draw a real link with our lives “, she explains. The one who has already posed for many fashion brands, hers, named Parisian and So , in the lead, had never lent its image to this type of precious accessories. This time, she let herself be seduced by the particularity of Pandora, the unique character of the brand's products. ' Thanks to the charms, everyone can create their bracelet, their pair of earrings, their necklace, and transform it according to their mood, their desires. '. Her favorite piece? A necklace with pearls and golden links, chic and rock at the same time.

A committed ambassador

Between Laury Thilleman and Pandora the understanding was obvious. In addition to loving the brand's collections, the young woman, who presents the music victories since 2021, appreciates the sustainable commitments from the Danish label. ' Discussing a partner's social and ecological policy before starting a collaboration is important to me. ', assures Laury Thilleman. In this case, Pandora has chosen to use mainly synthetic diamonds , to make jewelry from renewable energy exclusively and should announce a neutral carbon balance no later than 2025. A good start.