Laurent Voulzy in mourning: his mother is dead, the singer's farewell to his 'heroine'

It is very sad news that overwhelms the popular singer Laurent Voulzy: his mother is dead. It was his famous cousin, Pascal Légitimus, who revealed the information when he was a guest on the program 'Télématin'.

  Laurent Voulzy in mourning: his mother is dead, the'adieu du chanteur à son "héroïne"

Laurent Voulzy has lost his mother. The French singer, now 73, said goodbye to Marie-Louise Voulzy. It is one of his relatives who recounted this death which plunges the interpreter of Rockollection in grief.

Laurent Voulzy in mourning: his famous cousin tells

Saturday, October 22, viewers of Telematin (France 2) were able to see comedian and actor Pascal Légitimus, in full promotion for his play entitled L'Invitation . While host Damien Thévenot pointed out that he did not know that he was the cousin of Laurent Voulzy, his guest laughed at it but above all gave sad news of the singer. ' He's fine, but he lost his mom not too long ago, so he's a little... “, he revealed. However, he did not provide more details on this death.

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Laurent Voulzy's mother died at 94

Marie-Louise Voulzy's obituary was shared by RCI Guadeloupe : ' The funeral of Madame VOULZY Alice, Marie-Louise, known as 'Malyse', who died at the age of 94, residing in Nogent-sur-Marne in France, will be celebrated on Friday September 16 in the Saint Saturnin church in Nogent -sur-Marne. Opinion requested by: his children Laurent VOULZY, Richard and Barbara VOULZY. His daughter-in-law Mariette. Her sister Oriane BRANDON. His 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. '

Laurent Voulzy: his secrets about his beloved mother

On several occasions, the singer had the opportunity to evoke his late mother. Laurent Voulzy has spent from 3 to 9 years old with a nanny because her mother, who had left Guadeloupe for Paris, was pursuing a career as a dancer . But, despite this absence during his childhood, he had nothing but love and admiration for her. guest of Europe 1 in 2021, he said about Marie-Louise: ' She raised me (...) practically alone. She went to work in the morning, she dropped off my little brother and my little sister at the crèche and in the evening, she made us do our homework, she did the cooking, we didn't have a lot of money... First, she did dance (...) so my first musical notes I heard them at home when I was little. Then I went to nanny because she was dancing, then I came back with her. And life was both pleasant and difficult for her because she was alone (...) Later, I realized the courage she had, her freedom of spirit, it is an example for me. For me, she's a heroine .'

Laurent Voulzy again confronted with death

The death of his mother plunges the singer back into grief, he who has lost his first wife, Betty. She died in November 2015 from cancer. . She was the mother of his eldest sons: Julien and Nicolas. Betty's funeral was held discreetly on December 4, 2015 at the Sainte-Jeanne d'Arc church in Meudon-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine).

As a reminder, Laurent Voulzy - who had a media love affair with Véronique Jannot - then remarried journalist Mirella Lepetit. The ceremony was held in 2010 and the couple had a son, Quentin.