Laurent Mariotte releases a new cookbook

In this month of October, Laurent Mariotte is releasing a new book devoted to the great classics of French cuisine. Here's why you should get it.

  Laurent Mariotte releases a new cookbook

[Updated October 17, 2022 at 3:20 p.m.] Do you dream of knowing how to achieve the most great classics of French cuisine without taking your head? the new book of Laurent Mariotte is made for you. In this month of October, the host of Small dishes in balance on TF1 comes out indeed French cuisine for all, A playful and accessible book to have absolutely in your library.

Whether you are fond of œuf-may , from leek-vinaigrette , stew, stuffed tomatoes, cheese soufflé, chocolate mousse or even rice pudding, you will inevitably find what you are looking for in French cuisine for all . Each recipe is detailed step by step and Laurent Mariotte slips in tips from time to time, such as tips for successfully cutting a roast chicken or his secrets for making the perfect aioli sauce. In total, 80 recipes are to be discovered in this gourmet book, to be slipped under the Christmas tree. The book, published in Solar editions, is available since October 6 at a price of €21.90.

What is Laurent Mariotte's background?

Laurent Mariotte grew up in Dompierre, in the Vosges, where he passed a BAC specializing in modern foreign languages. Later, he joined the radio school French school studio and met the host Jacques Martin, who offered him to become a trainee for his show Sunday Martin . The young man then became a product assistant on RTL, in particular for broadcasts the class and Games without Borders. He then became a host for La Cinq de l'émission Yippee! School is over then to Intervilles on TF1.

What are his TV shows?

A true cooking enthusiast, Laurent Mariotte spends a CAP Cuisine in 2005 at the Ferrandi school in Paris with the idea of ​​opening a restaurant. Finally, the channel offered him to host 24 minutes chrono , the first one cooking show in real time, then Country kitchen , a program on regional specialities. Still on, he then hosts Revisit your classics before animating again 24 minutes chrono from 2011. For this new format, Laurent Mariotte receives great chefs such as Alain Passard , Eric Frechon or even Alexandre Gauthier, who agree to simplify their cooking for the show.

From 2008 to 2009, he landed on TF1 with Rock'n Food, the culinary section of 10h and mag presented by Sandrine Quétier and Julien Arnaud. Since 2008, Laurent Mariotte is known for hosting Small dishes in balance , where he unveils an accessible recipe every day around a seasonal product. In parallel, he also presented in 2011 the culinary game A restaurant in my living room on TMC then Jamie Olivier to the rescue of canteens in 2012. Laurent Mariotte was also part of the jury The best menu in France , broadcast on TF1 in 2015, as well as other non-cooking shows such as #WEEKEND with Julia Vignali or The Wonderful Christmas Village with Karine Ferri and Valérie Damidot.

What are his radio shows?

Laurent Mariotte has more than one string to his bow! If he hosts many programs on television, he also enjoys a good career on the radio. In 1996, he landed his first post on Europe 2 and then presented M like Mariotte on MFM. From 2007, he became a food columnist for France Info on the show To all flavors , then leaves in summer to meet chefs and craftsmen in summer kitchen, before animating Flavors of the Tour in 2013. Since 2018, Laurent Mariotte has been the host of the program The table of good living , a cooking show broadcast on Europe 1.

Where to find his magazine?

In November 2021, Laurent Mariotte launched son propre magazine, The Small Dishes of Laurent Mariotte , offering simple and user-friendly recipes for everyday cooking. 'It's not a magazine to make you dream, it's a magazine to cook on a daily basis at home', even explains the host. The magazine presents the good seasonal products as well as chefs and producers. 'I like to explain what is behind our food and behind our products. To eat well, you have to understand what you eat, so highlight all the human beings who contribute to delight our taste buds and take care of our health.' This bimonthly magazine is available in all newsstands in France as well as by subscription on the Laurent Mariotte website.

What are his books?

Laurent Mariotte is the author of more than twenty recipe books. Among the best known are Eat better without breaking the bank as well as the collection Eat better all year round , as well as its collection Treat yourself , where the host declines an infinite recipe such as salads, pies and quiches , grandmother's desserts or dishes for large tables.

Where to find his recipes?

Laurent Mariotte's recipes revealed in Small dishes in balance are available on the tf1 website . The host also transcribes them on his own site internet .

What is Instagram?

@laurent.mariotte is very popular on social networks, with more than 460,000 followers on Instagram! The host shares the recipes revealed in his various programs but also behind the scenes of his various programs and photos with his guests. In any case, his page will make your mouth water!