Laurent Boyer turns 65: his accident, his wife, his daughter, where does he live... What happens to the presenter?

The TV and radio host turns 65 on January 23! Laurent Boyer has always been very discreet about his private life. Find out who his daughter and his partner are, the details of his accident or where he lives...

  Laurent Boyer turns 65: his accident, his wife, his daughter, where does he live... What happens to the presenter?

Laurent Boyer celebrates his 65th birthday! Born in Paris on January 23, 1958, the TV presenter and radio host graduated with a master's degree in literature and musicology before begin his career at M6, in 1987, from the beginning of the channel . Known for presenting shows like Frequenstar, star seeds , The Moments of Truth or D-Day , he left the channel after 23 years, in December 2010, for France 3. In January 2011, he began to present Noon in France and stops in June 2015. What becomes of the ex-star of the small screen?

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Who is Laurent Boyer's ex-wife?

Alice Donna, 76-year-old singer , shared the life of the animator, 12 years her junior , for more than thirty years. They meet in 1981 and love at first sight is immediate. The couple separate after thirty-two years , the age difference weighing on their relationship, as revealed by the musician to Jordan de Luxe in April 2021: “ There's this 12-year-old Damocles sword mash that separates us. A man, it cracks. There is nothing to do anyway. All guys are going to crack at one time or another.' .

But the former lovers have not lost contact so far and have remained good friends. In the same interview, she confides that she still lives with Laurent Boyer, in their old house: ' I sleep at my ex-husband's who I was never married to, by the way '.

Who is Laurent Boyer's new girlfriend?

Very discreet about his private life, Laurent Boyer never talks about his romantic relationships. But on April 21, 2018, he appeared on the arm of his new companion, a woman named Marlène , at Virginie Lemessager's 50th birthday party, at the restaurant The Fork Nail in Paris. Since then, he has not given any news on this romance…

Who is Laurent Boyer's daughter?

Just like for his love life, the presenter speaks very little of his family life. He made a few rare appearances with his daughter, Marine . The last dates back to September 4, 2021, at an award ceremony at the Deauville American Film Festival. He and his daughter appeared very complicit.

What accident was Laurent Boyer the victim of?

In April 2005, Laurent Boyer was the victim of a car accident , of which he is the only survivor. He was sitting in the back of a black Mercedes with producer Dominique Pizzi and his driver Ayyoub Chkam. Around two o'clock in the morning, the vehicle hit a security barrier after leaving the road, towards the town of Vieuvicq on the A11 motorway. Then, the car rolls several times before ending up in the ditch. The shock is such that the vehicle is completely destroyed and Laurent Boyer's two friends die instantly.

In January 2018, the presenter confided to our colleagues from Here is :' I still wonder how I got out of that car. It took me fifteen minutes to get up, I had a burst sternum, I had 48 holes in my head, and it was raining a lot, I was losing a lot of blood too, I couldn't see anything. I tried to talk to my two friends, I touched them but they didn't answer. I thought they were just groggy and then I realized... '

He adds : ' It was my belt that saved my life ' . He is recovering from his physical injuries but explains: ' I have two girlfriends, a psychoanalyst and a psychologist, who called me the next day. They asked me several times in the same day to tell everything I had seen and felt, in the smallest details. It helped me a lot '.

Where does Laurent Boyer live?

During an interview with our colleagues from Home side in December 2013, the former M6 presenter opened up about his house. It took him a long time to leave the center of his beloved capital, but he needed wide open spaces to breathe. He then settled in Rueil-Malmaison in the Hauts-de-Seine , almost twenty years old at the time of the interview. He confessed thus: My house looks like Boston brick houses with a zinc roof '.

What becomes of Laurent Boyer?

After leaving France 3 in 2015, the presenter made a few appearances in television series. Since 2019, he has embarked on a brand new adventure, he brought the show up to date Frequenstar on RTL, Saturday evening from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The last episode dates from December 25, 2022.