Laure Manaudou: Her 'huge depression' after the birth of her third child, she gives details

The day after World Mental Health Day, Laure Manaudou agreed to indulge like never before in 'Brut'. The opportunity for the champion to reveal having had postpartum depression after the birth of her third child.

  Laure Manaudou: Sound"énorme dépression" après la naissance de son troisième enfant, elle livre des détails

This Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the media Brut unveiled a long interview with Laure Manaudou . In the aftermath of World Mental Health Day, the 36-year-old Olympic swimming champion agreed to go into detail and candidly about 'the enormous depression ' what she did after the birth of her third child , a little boy born in January 2021, whose first name she never revealed. A strong testimony in which the wife of the singer Jérémy Frérot puts the right words on what is the postpartum depression . And in which she does not hesitate to denounce the lack of support for women after childbirth .

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Postpartum depression: 'failure' by Laure Manaudou

In her long speech, the mother of three children therefore verbalizes with accuracy and precision what she may have felt after the birth of her son. “I felt overwhelmed, suffocated…” , she explains at first. The one who willingly admits that she thought 'to be strong in everything' thus returns to what inhabited her at that time. 'I felt like I didn't know how to take care of my son' , she confesses. Before admitting to having lived this period of his life 'like a failure' . 'I didn't want my children to have that image of me' , she then explains without forgetting that she ' cried a lot ' and that she constantly wondered about what happened next. It was up to her to admit later: 'I was negative when basically I'm not like that (…) I was yelling at my husband at night when I'm very calm and not shouting ' . And to conclude: 'I was always pissed off, I was never smiling (…) I was pissed off at my daughter at the slightest word that came out of her mouth' .

Laure Manaudou denounces the lack of support after childbirth

An extreme situation that Laure Manaudou explains above all by 'lack of sleep and fatigue' . And to the woman who admits at the same time having put a lot of pressure on herself with regard to breastfeeding her third child to openly wonder why, after childbirth, women are no longer followed. “It is not possible that so many women are in depression and that they are not helped” , is indignant the Olympic medalist swimmer who admits at the same time that she does not know 'not even' if she spoke of her discomfort to her husband. 'It should not be allowed to leave the mother alone with her baby', she concludes before advising the relatives of new mothers to multiply the attention towards them, and not only towards their newborns.