Laigneville, the antics of anger: a couple asked to 'calm down their ardor', the neighbors saturate!

In Laigneville, in the Oise, the atmosphere is warm, very warm. While a couple indulges in extremely noisy sexual intercourse several times a night, their neighborhood cracks up. The mayor and the police have been made aware of this uproar, but nothing seems to be lowering the libido of these lovers for the moment.

  Laigneville, the frolics of anger: a couple asked to"calmer ses ardeurs", les voisins saturent !

Between 2014 and 2020, the population of Laigneville, in the Oise , increased by 11%. A record in the sector. However, one of the new buildings in the city could see many inhabitants desert. The cause ? Not a defect or a major damage, but the noise pollution produced by a couple madly in love.

Every night, it would cause such a fuss that their neighbors, dark circles in their eyes and in a foul mood early in the morning, find themselves on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Several have already called the police, but nothing happened. The antics continue even more.

When the police get involved: the couple with an overflowing sex life asked to calm down

' It's several times a night and every night ' , allegedly entrusted certain witnesses to the police last November, according to Oise Weekly . 'One of my officers met the couple and asked them to calm down his ardor, or at least to be more discreet ' , assures the newspaper the mayor, Christophe Dietrich. 'I understand that the neighbors are a little tired of hearing screaming every night. Especially since obviously the couple, who must be very much in love and very fit, even hit the walls ' , he adds to the site d'information News Oise .

Mayor appeals to furious neighbors' sense of humor

However, this story, which has 'make the day' of the aedile when it reached his ears, should, according to him, be taken with a little more lightness. According to him, 'a little humor would have been just as effective' than turn to law enforcement. Christophe Dietrich thus suggests in the columns of Oise Weekly of 'put a little note in the mailbox of lovers with the writing 'you make us dream, but it's a little too strong' or even 'bravo for your performance, but you have to be more discreet''. Not sure that's enough...

The daring excuse of the couple in question

Little words, a neighbor says to News Oise having already slipped several into the mailbox of the lovebirds, in vain. According to her, the couple, who refuse to open the door when the neighbors knock, would even have 'dared to put words in the boxes to say that it was his cat who was 'meowing too loudly''.

Faced with these untimely mewings, the neighborhood would have decided this time to respond with a petition. In the meantime, the municipality, in addition to being the champion of demography, could soon be the champion of the birth rate.