Laëtitia Milot will no longer have children and other sad revelations from La Boite à Secrets

Laëtitia Milot made a painful confession during the program 'La Boite à secrets', presented by Faustine Bollaert and broadcast on February 7 on France 3. By speaking about her relationship with her husband Badri Menaia, their daughter Lyana and the endometriosis from which she suffers, the 39-year-old actress revealed that she could no longer have children, but not only…

  Laëtitia Milot n'aura plus d'enfant et autres tristes révélations de La Boite à Secrets

Laëtitia Milot went from secrets to secrets on the set of the show The Secret Box, aired Friday, February 7 on France 3 . The 39-year-old actress lent herself to the game of memories alongside Enrico Macias and comedian Jarry, both also invited to face Faustine Bollaert .
Suffering from endometriosis, a disease for which she was operated on in November 2019 , the star of More beautiful life mentioned her 1-year-old daughter, but also her pathology.
Became a mother in 2018 of a little Lyana who fills her with happiness, Laëtitia Milot made a heartbreaking revelation about her family life, announcing with misty eyes that she could no longer give birth. 'We wanted to start a bigger family, to have a second child, to give Lyana a little brother and a little one. With Lyana, we won a battle against the endometriosis . But this time, this battle is won by endometriosis, because it will not be possible to have a second child.' said the actress. Upset, Laetitia Milot does not intend to give up the fight against the disease: 'This bad news, I make it even more a strength to fight, for all these women who suffer, all these couples who struggle to have a child, all those who suffer in silence'. she clarified.

Laëtitia Milot: the memory of Yanis and the meeting with Badri

The Secret Box also celebrated the special meeting between Laëtitia Milot and her companion. If the interpreter of Mélanie Rinato, the waitress of the Mistral, spins the perfect love with Badri Menaia, whom she married in 2007, the actress had a painful love past. Very moved, the latter therefore returned to the death of Yanis, her ex-boyfriend suffering from cancer and who disappeared in 2001 . ' One day, Yanis said to me: 'you should find a job to bring me back good memories, to bring me joy back home “, she explained,

By finding a job in the cinema, Lëtitia Milot then met Badri, who became a work colleague and a friend of the couple. ' The day Yanis was going to leave, I called Badri and said, 'Come and say goodbye to him ', He came very quickly. (...) And Yanis made a form of transfer, it was very strange. He looked at Badri with a tear and he made me understand that in fact it would make him happy that we were together one day. “, confided the pretty brunette, before adding that badri lui 'saved life' while she was 'at the lowest' after this painful ordeal.