Lady Diana: What would she look like today? The result in PHOTO thanks to software!

What would Princess Lady Diana look like today? A miracle of artificial intelligence, a more than realistic photo of the late princess of hearts, supposedly 61 years old, has been shared on Instagram, and the result is stunning!

  Lady Diana: What would she look like today'hui ? Le résultat en PHOTO grâce à un logiciel !

Lady Diana would have been 61 on July 1, 2022. Twenty-five years after her death in a terrible car accident under the Alma bridge in Paris, which shocked England, the princess still fascinates the world entire. In Istanbul, a photographer used artificial intelligence to age the face of the princess of hearts , revealing on Instagram a portrait of Diana as she would probably have been in 2022. With great realism, the mother of William and Harry appears there with certainly a few more wrinkles and bleached hair, but her smile and her elegance remain intact .

Old Lady Diana, what does she look like?

The snapshot, which quickly went viral on social networks, sparked many comments from admirers of the late princess of hearts. ' The result is indeed striking however I think and this is of course only an opinion, Diana had far too much elegance and class going against this portrait there showing the graying hair this natural setting but which does not the a represents not completely is however successful ', comments one, while another objects ' I'd say it's more like she's 80 . Rather than 61, which she would be now. But it's amazing work. '

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How did William and Harry react to Lady Di's portrait?

Yes the prince of wales and the Duke of Sussex, currently in mourning over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, have not officially reacted to the release of this portrait of their mother, the heir to the throne - eldest son of Diana and the now king Charles III - did not fail to pay him a discreet tribute during the monarch's funeral. Prince William indeed displayed on his wrist The Omega Seamaster watch offered by Lady Diana when he entered the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland.

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While the portrait of the princess of wales at 61 is making the rounds on social networks, other personalities also 'aged' via artificial intelligence by Turkish photographer Alper Yesiltas are to be discovered. With the project ' As if nothing happened ', the artist had fun using AI to imagine how these stars could be realistically photographed if life had taken its course, without accidental death or cosmetic surgery. In this gallery of portraits, we can thus find out how stars like Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, 2pac would have aged, or how Madonna or Michael Jackson would have aged without the need for cosmetic surgery.