Lââm turns 51: Complicated childhood, Terrible death of her husband, DALS, Depression...

Lââm celebrates its 51st birthday this September 1st! Her funny anecdotes, her secrets, her complicated childhood with a 'violent mother', the terrible death of her husband, her weight gain, her depression... Everything about the iconic star.

  Lââm turns 51: Complicated childhood, Terrible death of her husband, DALS, Depression...

Lââm celebrates its 51st birthday September 1, 2022! If the singer has become more discreet over the years, she has certainly marked the 90s and 2000s with his recognizable voice among a thousand, his extravagant looks and his refreshing frankness! Back to the journey of Lââm, from his childhood at the DDASS to dazzling glory, his secrets , his crazy stories et le drame de sa vie, the terrible death of her husband .

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Lââm: difficult childhood, 'violent' mother...

For Lamia, whose real name is, the fairy tale does not begin in the cradle, far from it. The little girl born in 1971 in the 12th arrondissement of Paris grew up in a family of Tunisian origin. Second of a siblings of seven children , she is quickly placed in a home in Bourges , due to family tensions after his parents' divorce, and his mother's tantrums. ' It's a very violent woman , and unfortunately not everyone is cut out to be a parent “, had confided Lââm in Hello Earthlings .

A complicated childhood that gives him the will of s'en sortir , no matter the cost. His comfort? She finds him in the music , from the fiery melodies of Tina Turner to the powerful voice of Whitney Houston .

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Lââm: from the metros to the Olympia

In turn, she decides to try her luck by performing in the Paris metro . In 1997, producer Denis Clavaud noticed her when she performed on the Hot Brass stage. A year later, success is there thanks to its cover of Michel Berger , Sing for those far from home . The title becomes a diamond disc and the single sells out one million copies . A rhinestone and sequin dream come true for this little girl from the DDASS.

His debut album, aptly named Perseverance , is also a real hit. Her appearances are noticed to say the least, since the singer is always decked out in a extravagant wig, cap or hat ... And the audience is asking for more! In 1999, she performed at the Olympia. Success is at its peak.

Everything seems to smile at Lââm who also joins the troupe of the Enfoirés , where she interprets, among others, My pal with Jean-Jacques Goldman , one of his best memories according to his confidences in Charts In France .

Lââm : the terrible death of son mari

On the heart side, she married in 1996 the musician Robert Suber. Sadly, the singer announced her death on November 2, 2021.' My poor husband suffered the martyrdom of a pancreatic cancer to vomit his excrement for 26 days in terrible horrible pain, to wait for his death all meager. Where we saw his bones and where I saw him die in front of me helpless “, confided the singer on Instagram.

Lââm: why she has no children

The star didn't want to be a mom. ' I don't want a child. (…) I love children but I find that it takes courage to do today. There are so many unhappy children that I prefer to take care of unhappy children “, she explains to Non Stop People .

Lââm: a musical... not so phenomenal

In 2002, the ambitious singer wanted to try other experiences. She landed the lead role in musical comedy Cindy , by Luc Plamondon. But the show does not meet the expected success . ' This show came at a bad time, with the Euros and the day after 9/11. People no longer wanted to leave their homes. And then we must not lie: his songs were not all super super “, she explains to DH Les Sports + . However, she has wonderful memories of it. ' For me, it was the most difficult experience of my life, but one of the most beautiful too. A awesome experience , lots of fun “, she had dropped on Twitter.

Lââm: A triumph that is coming to an end

Several years later, son single Little sister place her back in the spotlight. But after this triomphe , the singer is gradually returning to the shadows. His next albums do not allow him to experience the success of his debut.

In 2011, the singer released a reprise album, At the Heart of Men , who flopped and pushed his record company to break their contract. From then on, Lââm became more and more discreet, but continued to perform on stage.

Lâam: A (surprising) return to TV

In 2018, viewers rediscovered her with pleasure in the reality TV program The Island: Celebrities , broadcast on M6 , but the singer is forced to quit the show for medical reasons , after having had his face disfigured by mosquitoes.

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Lââm saw the buttocks of...

Of the show, however, she has fond memories. Next to rapper Stomy Bugsy during the filming of the program, Lââm can boast of having seen it... in his intimacy! ' And for the little anecdote, girls, I saw her ass ! He went to wash, I was afraid he would get lost, so I went with him. Not on purpose, I saw her behind : It is damn good “, she told Public . Here's one that made people jealous...

Lââm almost became a columnist in Touche Pas à Mon Poste

At the start of the 2016 school year, Cyril Hanouna announces the arrival of new recruit in his team : the one and only Lââm! advertised as columnist , the singer is finally part of only one issue ... before evaporating mysteriously. Why didn't she stay on Cyril Hanouna's team? The artist had responded in the columns of TV Mag : ' I think that TPMP audience boycotted me . He didn't want me. On social networks, there had been a lot of hate messages . But that's good, I felt out of place anyway (...) I also hate talk about intimate anecdotes , my family would not have accepted' .

Lââm, +15 kg... but saved by DALS?

In 2021, Lam , which had seen its form impacted by the health crisis, was chosen to be part of the season 11 of Dance with the stars . Something to give it a boost! ' I gained over 15 pounds with confinement, reconfinement, Covid... I have 15 kilos of stress too! I was called at the right time, I said to myself 'Hallelujah'. It was truly a deliverance in the sense that I had need to get back in shape , I was starting to find myself in a hole a little bit, I couldn't get out of it, I didn't know where I was going and then they picked me up and I said to myself that it was a beautiful present “, she confided during a press conference.

Lââm: his fight against depression

For Laam, Dance with the stars was a real lifesaver, although she left the adventure after only a week. The singer had agreed to embark on this adventure in order to ' get out of a depression 'which she had been battling for ten years.' We sink, we don't know where we're going, we don't know what we're going to do. Professionally, I do a lot of things, but I don't go on TV and people think we don't do anything. In the record industry, my career is over, they don't want to sign me, I'm no longer in fashion, I am one of the old but I did my grief . Dancing with the stars puts me back in the light “, she said during the press conference.

Lââm: her husband was 'dying' during DALS

Yes Lam was happy to live the adventure Dance with the stars , despite her early loss, she blames herself for not allowing her dancer, Maxime Dereymez, to continue in the competition. ' He lost because of me. In any event, I could not have continued the adventure, my husband being dying ' , she confided on Instagram.

Lââm: 'I'm too old for the record companies'

If Lââm retains an unbreakable link with her audience, the singer is rather pessimistic as to his future in studio . ' I am too old for record companies , who refuse to sign me. I will not hide the reality. Even if I arrive with a superb album, it won't be taken from me and it won't be played on the radio. People don't realize that a record costs 100,000 euros. But it doesn't stop me from continuing to sing on stage . my life is here “, confides the singer to Cine TV Review . No doubt that Lââm will continue to sing for those who are far from home (or not) for a long time!

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