King Charles III's Quirks Revealed: How He Takes His Personal Toilets When Traveling & Other Curiosities

A king has the right to have certain demands? Charles, having just become king, was already used as Prince of Wales not to live exactly the same way as ordinary mortals. His luggage contains rather unexpected elements and his meals must take place in a millimetric way... An anthology of his quirks and demands for some very wacky ones!

  King Charles III's Quirks Revealed: How He Takes His Personal Toilets When Traveling & Other Curiosities

Journalist Michel Faure is the author of the book ' Charles, king of england ' (L'Archipel editions). His book is full of wacky nuggets concerning the new King Charles III, still Prince of Wales at the time of publication. Certainly, titles of nobility and a busy schedule explain the high demands like the stars...but when it comes to the inches of toothpaste on the toothbrush and the temperature of the bath, some of the new king's quirks and habits might astonish you! The eldest son of Elizabeth II will he keep, or even increase, his special demands as his life speeds up? Time will tell...

Toothpaste, pajamas, lacets... a hyper propre roi!

Every morning, a valet lays out 2 centimeters of toothpaste on his toothbrush and runs him a lukewarm water bath . For his clothes, Prince Charles is particularly picky. He wants his pajamas are washed and ironed daily … just like his lacets , which must be ironed just before he puts on his shoes. A prince must look impeccable.

Breakfast: a sacred meal for Charles III

Once out of his bath and dressed, Prince Charles is served breakfast , ' a mixture of wheat germ and cereal seeds, honey, jams and some fruit “, explains the writer to Vanity Fair . He eats eggs, but these must be organic and cooked for only three minutes . ' To be sure of the prince's satisfaction, very manic, his cooks prepare half a dozen for him, thus reserving the possibility of choice ', explains Michel Faure. All placed on a silver platter, of course !

Tea time for the king

As for lunch, Prince Charles simply skips it. At 5 p.m., on the other hand, there is no question of ignoring tea time. Elizabeth II's son settling for quietly sip a cup of Darjeeling tea (and nothing else).

The day Prince Charles discovered plastic wrap

The writer also told Vanity Fair a funny anecdote that happened one evening at Clarence House, the royal house in London: ' Camilla heard Charles cry out in horror from the kitchen. He had opened the refrigerator in search of leftovers from a meal and was horrified seeing the food covered with a strange transparent material . Worried, Camilla went down to see him. 'What is it?' Charles asked him nervously. ' a plastic film ', answered his wife '. No mercy for plastic films!

The new king is a morning worker

Except in the event of an official visit or other impediment, the father of William and Harry sets up at his desk every morning at 8:30 sharp . ' He devotes himself to his correspondence for two hours before chairing a few work meetings with his staff. “, explained Michel Faure.

Incredible: Charles travels with his own... toilet seat!

For his travels, Prince Charles makes sure not to miss anything. If you search his suitcases (an unlikely scenario, we agree) you will see fresh linen, two watercolors of Scottish landscapes, her own toilet paper, her portable toilet seat, a chest of drawers and her orthopedic bed . Nothing should be missing. Ah, castle life…