Killer bees: what are stings in France?

A 20-year-old American was stung more than 20,000 times by Africanized bees, known as 'killer bees'. He is currently in a coma. What is a killer bee? Is it present in France? Are the bites fatal?

  Killer bees: stings, in France, c'est quoi ?

Austin Bellamy was attacked by 'killer bees' (or Africanized bees) in the United States while pruning a lemon tree. The 20-year-old man was stung more than 20,000 times and ingested around 30 bees. He is on an artificial respirator and was plunged into a coma by the center of the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) indicates Le New York Post August 31. The killer bee is the name given to a hybrid species of bee created by interbreeding European and African bees . They are much more aggressive than 'classic' bees, which can follow a victim for several kilometres. What's this a killer bee? Are they present in France ? The sting is it deadly?

Definition: what is a killer bee?

The killer bee, also called 'Africanized bee' is the name given to a hybrid species created in Brazil. It's the product of the hybridization of the African strain Apis mellifera scutellata with the traditional American strains of European origin Apis mellifera ligustica and Apis mellifera iberiensis . In 1956, 49 African queen bees were imported to Brazil by a geneticist researcher in order to improve the resistance of his honey bees, which were victims of diseases and suffered from the climate. Some queens have escaped and thus spread their genes into the environment. Their descendants then invaded the north of the South American continent. They overwhelmed the colonies of bees imported from Europe. Their rate of ascent north has been estimated at between 100 and 300 kilometers per year. They reached the southern United States in 1990. Apparently, she looks like a 'normal' bee but she is much more aggressive , it can pursue a victim for many miles. These bees are better adapted to equatorial and tropical climates than European bees.

  Image d'une abeille tueuse, ou abeille africanisée
Image of a killer bee, or Africanized bee

Are killer bees present in France?

Until now, killer bees have not been detected in France.

Are the bites fatal?

The lethal dose is approximately about twenty bites per kilogram of weight bodily. Prompt hospitalization is essential in the intensive care unit.

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