Kevin Bacon: A cannibal goes after him, sentenced to life in prison in the midst of 'Dahmer mania'

A 52-year-old cannibal from Michigan has just been sentenced by American justice to life imprisonment. He has indeed admitted to having killed, dismembered and eaten the testicles of a man named Kevin Bacon met on Grindr.

  Kevin Bacon: A cannibal'en prend à lui, condamné à la prison à vie en pleine "Dahmer mania"

The facts, which date back to 2019, are chilling. A 52-year-old man from Michigan has just been sentenced to life in prison by the competent American authorities after he admitted to eating the testicles of a 25-year-old student. previously met on the dating site dedicated to gay and bisexual men Grindr. Mark David Latunski was therefore tried for having dismembered and eaten part of the body of his victim, a man named Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Bacon was stabbed, hung upside down and then eaten by his executioner

In 2019, and while he was missing, the remains of Kevin Bacon's body were discovered in the basement of his executioner, Mark Latunski . Very quickly, post-mortem analyzes established that the victim had been stabbed and then hung by the ankles before his throat was finally slit. The investigation, already glaucous at will, ended up noting that the remains of the body had been eaten by the cannibal . According to the man who immediately pleaded guilty, the said Kevin Bacon would have told him from their first discussion that he was 'suicidal' . The latter would then have immediately offered to help him 'vanish' . He then explained to the Court that his primary intention was to kill the young man by stabbing him, but since he was still alive after being stabbed, he would have made the decision to slit his throat.

Kevin Bacon's attacker wanted to reproduce a dish with his testicles

If Mary Chartier, the defendant's lawyer, first considered pleading the insanity of her client, this one did not follow her at all. “In fact, he was very clear, on many occasions, about his choice and his motivations” , she told the American press. About his consumption of human flesh, Mark Latunski has told several times that he regularly consumed animal, mountain oysters. A misleading name that actually refers to a dish made from bull testicles. He therefore told the Court, which immediately accepted the crime with premeditation, to have been inspired by this same recipe to consume parts of the body of his victim. Thus, the cannibal was sentenced to life imprisonment. Another hearing will still be held on December 15.

Similarities with the Jeffrey Dahmer case

A sordid story that is reminiscent Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story , the phenomenally successful Netflix series that returns to the true story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer .

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This American, who killed 17 young men between 1978 and 1991 and is suspected of having eaten the organs of several of them, was sentenced to 957 years in prison, or 17 times life. But he was killed before by one of his fellow prisoners who beat him up. The fiction signed by the firm au N rouge holds the absolute record for hours of viewing: 701.47 million hours in less than three weeks of broadcasting. But it worries psychologists around the world because it fascinates an audience, often very young, who praises the performance of young Evan Peters and does not hesitate to invent TikTok trends in connection with the series.